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Name Professional Title Research Areas
FAN Weicheng Ph.D.;Professor

Fire Dynamics

Computational Combustion

Public Safety

LIU Naian Ph. D.; Professor

Wildland Fire Dynamics

Decomposition and Combustibility of Forest Fuels

Extreme Fire Behaviors (Fire whirl, Spot fire, Eruptive fire etc.)

Wildland and Urban Interface Fire

ZHANG Heping Ph.D.; Professor

Fire dynamics theory

Fire risk evaluation and performance-based fire protection design

Fire behavior of building finishing materials

Safety design of building external thermal insulation material

Key technology of aviation fire safety

Design and evaluation of new individual protective device

Key technology of fire safety protection based on internet of things

SONG Weiguo PH.D.; Professor

Pedestrian and evacuation dynamics

Self-organized criticality of fire system

Performance-based fire protection design of buildings

Fire monitoring with remote sensing

JI Jie PH.D.; Professor

Smoke movement and ventilation control method in building fires

Characteristics of flame spread over surface of solid combustibles

Real-time forecasting of building and wildland fires

Risk analysis

HU Longhua Ph.D.;Professor

Fire science

Fire and pollutant transportation under wind and its impact to environment

Urban/building (tunnel, metro, high-rise building) fire safety, risk assessment and sustainability

Fire safety and risk assessment of energy system

Buoyant flow dynamics, turbulent mixing/entrainment of fire plume

Combustion and fire behavior under extreme condition (microgravity, sub-atmospheric pressure…)

SUN Jinhua Ph.D.; Professor

Fire Dynamics and basic fire prevention technologies

Large-scale evacuation and rescue in emergencies

Hazardous chemical disaster prediction and prevention methods

Fire risk assessment and fire insurance

HU Yuan Ph.D.;Professor

Novel flame retardants and flame retardant polymers

Advanced polymer nanocomposites and inorganic functional nanomaterials

Environmental-friendly flame retardant biodegraded polymeric materials

Evaluation of fire characteristic and fire safety of materials

Key technologies of emergency treatment and environmental recovery of hazardous chemicals accidents

Key technologies of fire investigation

YANG Lizhong Ph.D.; Professor

Building Fire Dynamics

Fire Dynamics under Special Environment and Condition

Occupant Evacuation In Emergency

WANG Qingsong Ph.D. Professor

Lithium ion battery fire dynamics and prevention

Glazing behavior under thermal loading

Hazardous chemicals leakage and sub-consequence disaster

The inherent of spontaneous combustion

Wind turbine fire

WANG Xishi Ph. D.; Associate Professor

Principles and applications of clean & effective fire suppression technologies

Principles and applications of clean & effective explosion mitigation technologies

Principles and applications of clean & effective decontamination

technologies for flammable and explosive chemistries

Laser-based flow field diagnostic methods and applications

LU Shouxiang Ph.D.; Professor

Fire Risk Assessment

Performance-Based Fire Protection Design

Fire Dynamics in Enclosures

Ship Fire Safety Engineering

Combustion and Fire of Liquid Fuel

ZHANG Yongming Ph.D.;Professor

Fire Detection (fire characteristic productions, fire sensors, detection principles, detection methods, detection techniques R&D and applications)

Particle Detection and Information Processing

Physical Electronics

WANG Jian Ph.D.;Professor

Flow and combustion models and calculation

WANG Haihui Ph.D.;Professor

JIANG Yong Ph.D.;Professor

Experimental diagnosis of fire and combustion

Numerical Simulation of Fire Dynamics

Modeling and Computation of turbulent reactive flows

Reaction Kinetics

Fire investigation

Fire-safety Engineering

GONG Xinglong PH.D.;Professor

The Intelligent and Functional Materials

Fire Safety of Polymer-based Composites

Vibration Control

Mechanical Behavior of Composite Materials

HE Linghui PH.D.;Professor

Mechanical Behavior of Materials under Coupled Fields

Microstructural Evolution, Damage and Reliability of Materials

Deformation and Failure of Large-Scale Engineering Structures

ZHU Jiping Ph.D.; Professor

Experimental study and computer simulation of forest fire

GIS-based fire management decision-making system

Dynamic Assessment Model of Unconventional Emergency Response Procedures

NI Yong Ph.D.; Professor

Phase Transformation Mechanics, Computational Mechanics of Microstructured Materials

Damage and Failure of Heterogeneous Materials

Mechanics of Thin Film and Interface

DING Hang Ph.D.; Professor

Contact line dynamics

Multiphase flows in porous media or complex geometries

Modeling and flow analysis in microfluidics

Droplet/bubble dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics

KANG Yu PH.D.; Professor

Networked control systems

Artificial intelligence

Vehicle tail gas remote sensing technology

Stochastic hybrid control theory

GAO Peng Ph.D.; Professor

Moving Contact Line

Lubrication Theory

Mechanics of Water Walkers

Dynamics of Drops/Bubbles

Hydrodynamic Stability

SONG Lei Ph.D.; Professor

Principles and Technologies of Green Flame Retardancy

High Performance Polymer Nanocomposites

Advanced Functional Materials

Fire Safety Evaluation of Materials

WEI Jiuchang PH.D.; Professor

Risk Analysis and Risk Communication

Disaster Management and Strategic Thinking

ZHANG Jun Ph.D.;Professor

Pedestrian Traffic Dynamics

Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics

Capacity Assessment on emergency treatments

Application of virtual reality technology

XIAO Huahua Ph. D.; Professor

Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing for Int J Hydrogen Energy, Elsevier, 2018

Blue whirl

Computational fluid dynamics and combustion modeling

Safety of hydrogen and natural gas as energy carriers

WANG Zhandong PH.D.; Professor

Combustion kinetics and diagnostics

Combustion and atmospheric pollutant controlling

Advanced analytical chemistry diagnostics for complex reaction system

XUAN Shouhu PH.D.; Professor

Novel Soft Body Armor

Intelligent Anti-impact Fabrics

Smart Nanocomposites

Magnetic biomaterial for PDT

SI Ting PH.D.; Professor

Turbulent mixing and turbulent combustion

Microencapsulation for fire extinction and combustion

High-velocity aerodynamics

Experimental fluid mechanics

Microfluidics and nanofluidics

WANG Yu Ph.D.;Professor

Fire Spread in High-rise Buildings

Resilience of Informal Settlement (urban village, slums, etc.) to Fire

Fire Resistance of Building Materials

Real-time Prediction of Real Fire

Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Investigation

GUI Zhou Ph.D. Professor

Functional Inorganic Materials

Inorganic/polymer Composite Functional Materials

TANG Fei Ph.D. Professor

Building fire dynamics

Tunnel and underground space fire prevention

Fuel/gas fire dynamics

Fire simulation

Traffic safety

YAO Bin Ph.D.;Associate Professor

Urban Fire Safety and Advanced Fire Protection Technology

Building Structural Fire Safety

Railway and Subway Fire Safety

Performance-based Fire Design and Assessment

Technical Solution of Fire Safety for Special Space and Function

QIU Rong Ph.D. Associate Professor

Chemical Reaction Dynamics

Fire Investigation and Reconstruction

Producing Mechanism of Toxicant and its Harm to Organisms

ZONG Ruowen Ph.D. Associate Professor

Science and Technology in Fire Investigation

Decomposition and Combustibility of Materials

Underground Fire

Safety Analysis of the Hazardous Chemical Material

LI Yuanzhou Ph.D. Associate Professor

Smoke movement and control in Large Space Buildings, high-rise buildings, underground buildings.

Combustion characteristics of plateau fire

Performance-based fire design and fire risk assessment

FANG Jun Ph.D. Associate Professor

Early fire smoke transportation law and detection method in high large spaces

Fire behaviors and recognition method in low air pressure environments

Fire behaviors and recognition method in low gravity environments

CHEN Haixiang Ph.D. Associate Professor

Thermal decomposition and combustion of forest fuels

Smoldering of forest ground fire

Wildland fire behavior

Wildland and Urban Interface Fire

XIE Qiyuan Ph.D. Associate Professor

Flame spread of polymer

Psychological safety

Monitoring of safety and health

Fire protection of nuclear plants

System reliability and safety engineering

YI Jianxin Ph.D. Associate Professor

High performance gas sensors

Early detection of electrical fires

Fire detection in nuclear power plants

Advanced Functional Materials

CHENG Xudong Ph.D. Associate Professor

Melting and flowing combustion characteristic of typical thermoplastics in enclosure fire

Fire risk evaluation and key technology of performance based design

Fire performance and external fire spread behavior of typical thermal insulation materials

XING Weiyi Ph.D. Associate Professor

Principles and Technologies of Green Flame Retardancy

High Performance Polymer Nanocomposites

Advanced Functional Materials

Fire Safety Evaluation of Materials

LEI Jiao Ph.D.; Associate Professor

Fire whirl

Full-scale pool fires in cross wind

Fire spread of forest and grassland fires

Buoyant diffusion flame

Ignition of forest combustibles

ZHANG Lidong Ph.D.; Associate Professor

Combustion Kinetic Models

Catalytic Combustion

Quantum Chemical Calculation

WANG Xin Ph.D. Associate Professor

Design and Behaviors of Halogen-Free Flame-Retardant Thermosetting Composites

Novel Halogen-Free Bio-Based Flame Retardants

High-Performance Flame-Retardant Polymer Nanocomposites

Multi-functional (Flame-Retardant, Superhydrophobic, UV-Resistant, Anti-Static, Anti-bacterial) Coatings for Woods and Textiles

Organic-inorganic hybrid gels for fire prevention and fighting technology

WANG Bibo Ph.D.; Associate Professor

Surface modification and microencapsulation

Electron beam irradiation cross-link flame-retardant polyolefin

Evaluate the ageing effect of flame retardant material

ZHANG Qixing Ph.D.; Associate Professor

Smoke aerosol properties and effect on human health and climate change

Advanced fire & smoke detection technology

HU Weizhao Ph.D.; Associate Professor

Design and synthesis of novel, non-halon containing flame retardants

High-performance nanocomposites

Fire safety evaluation method and technology of composites

Mechanism of flame retardant research

DUAN Qiangling Ph.D.; Associate Professor

Fire safety in hydrogen energy development and utilization

Lithium ion battery fire dynamics and prevention

Prediction and control methods of fire and explosion accidents

KAN Yongchun Ph.D.; Associate Professor

Safety of Lithium Ion Battery,

Environmental Fire Retardant Coating,

Functional Polymer Fire Safe Materials

GAO Wei Ph.D.; Associate Professor

Fire Spill Plume

Slot Flame and Line Fire

Multiple fire burning

CHEN Xiao Ph.D.; Associate Professor

Fire Dynamics in Enclosures

Ship Fire Safety Engineering

Fire Risk Assessment in Nuclear plant

Fire Behavior in High Pressure Atmosphere

FU Yangyang Ph.D.; Associate Professor

Lithium ion battery fire hazard and extinguishing technology

Fabrication of superhydrophobic andsuperoleophobic superfine powdery fire-extinguishing agent

MA Chao Ph.D.; Associate Professor

Design and synthesis of phosphorus-containing flame retardants

Preparation of high-performance flame retardant polymers

Study of flame retardant mechanisms

XU Wu Ph.D.; Associate Professor

Fire Inhibition Dynamics

Alternative & Biofuel Combustion Characteristics

Flame Propagation in High Pressure Atmosphere

LI Min Ph.D.; Associate Professor

Safety of hydrogen and natural gas as energy carriers

Flame acceleration and deflagration-to-detonation transition

Computational fluid dynamics and combustion modeling

ZENG Wenru Ph.D. Lecture

Kinetic of Polymer decomposition and combustion

Flame-Retardant Polymeric Materials

LIU Binghai Master of engineering Lecture

Smart fire detection technology

Auto-Regulative Water Gun technology

Fire detection technology in industry

YANG Hui Bachelor Engineer

Fire Dynamics

Experimental simulation of smoke spread in buildings

Fire behavior of finishing materials

Fire risk analysis and performance-based fire sign

WU Chaopeng Bachelor

Computational Fluild Dynamics

Hafezeh Nabipour Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Study on drug delivery system.

Synthesis of MOFs.

Synthesis of Carbon Foams

Synthesis of low thermal conductivity of materials

Yonho Chung Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Laminar Flame Structure

Combustion Emission

Combustion Instabilities

Acoustic Instability

Fire Behavior near Extinction Limit

Hichem Eloussifi Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Thermal decomposition




ZHU Xiaolong Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Dust control in Mining field

Water mist fire extinguishing technology

Water based foam extinguishing technology

Wang Wenjia Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Electrical fault detection

Study on Ignition Experiment and Mechanism Analysis

QIU Suilai Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Polymer nanocomposites

Functional fire safety materials

Fire safety design and evaluation of materials

LIU Jiajia Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Research on polymer nanocomposites

Preparation and research of fire safety materials

JIN Kaiqiang Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Fire safety in hydrogen energy development and utilization

Premixed flame propagation dynamics and Its suppression mechanism

Lithium ion battery safety management and fire extinguishing technology

LIU Zhaorong Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Combustion Simulation

ZHU Hong Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Kinetic Analysis of Biomass Pyrolysis

LIU Shixiang Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Combustion behavior of jet flame

CHENG Yuan Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Fire prevention technology of aircraft

Solid-state and safe electrolytes of Lithium-ion battery

LIN Jin Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Fire Smoke Elimination in Enclosed Space

Fire Risk Assessment in Railway Vehicle

Ship Fire Safety Technology

LI Qian Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Corrosion Characteristics of Smoke

Reliability of Electronic Equipment

Urban Area Fire Risk Assessment

GUO Wenwen Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Fire Safety Design of Multifunctional Fiber Fabrics

Study on Fire Safety Performance of Bio-Based Polymer Materials

Thermal Protection-typed Aerogel Composites

CAI Wei Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Fire Safety of Polymer Composite Materials

Solar Steam Conversion Materials

ZHU Yulu Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Fire Safety of Polymer Composite Materials

Lithium ion battery safety management

FU Shuo Ph.D.; Postdoctor

Spontaneous heating and combustion of forest fuel

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