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Academic Advisory Committee
Fan Weicheng
University of Science and Technology
  Fan Weicheng, male, Han nationality, born in January 1943, a native of Ezhou, Hubei Province, is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor at the University of Science and Technology of China. Prof. Fan also serves as Director of the Research Center for Thermal Safety Engineering under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Prof. Fan was elected Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2001.After his graduation from USTC specializing in Engineering Thermal Physics in 1965, Prof. Fan joined the faculty. Prof. Fan currently assumes such academic posts as Head of the Energy and Chemical Engineering Group of the National Work Safety Expert Team, Deputy Director of the Steering Committee on Security Engineering Education of the Ministry of Education, Deputy Head of the Grant Review Committee of the Engineering and Materials Division of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant Reviewer of the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of China, Executive Director of the International Association for Fire Safety Science, Honorary President of the Asia-Oceania Association for Fire Science and Technology, Former Member of the International Summit Forum of Fire Research Organizations, as well as Member of Editorial Board of four international journals and six domestic journals.Prof. Fan has been engaged in cross-disciplinary research on fire safety science and engineering. He has presided over the founding of the State Key Laboratory of Fire Science and the Research Center for Thermal Safety Engineering under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He also helped create the journal of Fire Safety Science. Prof. Fan established the mathematical and physical model of describing the interactions of buoyancy, charcoal smoke, flow, heat transfer and combustion in fires, and proposed the dual theoretical model for the description of the discipline of fire safety science and engineering. He also developed the net composite model for restric
Tel:+86 551 3601651Email:wcfan@ustc.edu.cn
Ding Hui
Beijing Academy of Science and Technology
Ding Hui,born in 1961, Engineering Bachelor’s degree in Tsinghua University in 1984, Master’s degree on Safety Technology and Engineering in 1987, visiting Scholar on Management of Danish Technology University (Denmark) in 1992-1993,and senior visitor on strategy management and innovation of University of Warwick (UK) in 2002. Professor Ding, appointed as the specialist enjoying national government allowance, is the Dean of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology. He has been engaged in the area of public safety for long time, who is also the expert of State Administration of Work Safety, and the vice board chairperson of China Occupational Safety and Health Association, the vice board chairperson of China Association of Instrument Analysis, the Standing Committee Member of Acoustical society of China, the Standing Committee Member of Beijing association for science and technology, the member of Natural Science Fund Committee. He is the part-time professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Capital University of Economics and Business and Wuhan University. As the person in charge, Professor Ding has undertaken twenties of the national and Beijing science and technology programs and projects, and had published 80 papers and attained 7 patents and 10 Science and Technology Progress Award of provincial and ministry level.
Tel:+86 10 68436615Email:hding@163bj.com
Du Lanping
National Fire Service Bureau
Du, Lanping, female, a native of Tianjin City, is the Chief Engineer of National Fire Service Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security, with a professional title of senior engineer and a military rank of Major General. General Du graduated from Tsinghua University in 1983 with a bachelor degree, and from Tianjin University in 2008 with a doctoral degree, on Engineering Thermophysics. Before she took office at National Fire Service Bureau, General Du had been working at Tianjin Fire Research Institute under the Ministry of Public Security, in charge of scientific research and administrative affairs, and her executive titles included the vice director of Tianjin Fire Research Institute, the director of National Fire Product Testing Center, the director of National Fire Cause Investigation Center, and the chief editor of Journal Fire Science and Technology. During her career, General Du has long been engaged in the research activities related to the theoretical aspects of fire science. She has played leading roles in 15 crucial scientific research projects, such as “the Eighth Five Years” and “the Ninth Five Years“ national key projects, national soft science projects, Sino-Germany Cooperative Project, Sino-Canada Cooperative Project and World Bank Project, and has been in charge of the organization and implementation of “the Eleventh Five Years” National Key Technology Research and Development Program. She has obtained plenty of valuable research achievements in different academic fields, such as explosion venting for existing buildings, fire risks of building materials, building fire characteristics, underground building fires, fire modeling, halon replacement, performance-based fire safety design and fire risk assessment, etc. Under her leadership, the first standard heat release rate testing device of China was built, the first fire risk database for building materials and components constructed, the first Septenary-Fluorine Propane clean gas extinguishing syst
Tel:+86 551 3601651Email:wcfan@ustc.edu.cn
Wu Zongzhi
China Academy of Safety Science and Technology
Dr.Wu Zongzhi, born in 1963 March, from Susong, Anhui province, is the President of China Academy of Safety Science and Technology. He obtained PH.D in engineering from China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) in 1989. His social positions include, vice-chairman of China Occupational Safety and Health Association, head of national expert group of Education and Training Plan For Excellence Engineer in safety Science and Engineering field, a member of national work safety expert group, a member of expert group from National Disaster Reduction Committee. His current interests include safety and emergency management, risk assessment and major hazards control. Dr. Wu developed China’s major hazards control theory and technical method, developed quantitative area risk evaluation method, the method of land use Safety planning and safe community construction methods. Dr. Wu is author or coauthor of more than 70 papers and articles. He has 10 Patents of Inventions and Utility Model Patents, Dr. Wu was also awarded individual outstanding to scientific job in “8th five-year plan”, “9th five-year plan”, as well as other awards and honors, such as the third awards for talented Chinese Youth in Science and technology Creation, special government allowances of the State Council .
Tel:+86 10 64941333Email:wuzongzhi@vip.sina.com
Zhang Yinping
Tsinghua University
  Yinping Zhang got his Bachelor degree (1985), Master degree (1988) and Ph.D degree (1991) in University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). He is a professor and director of Institute of Built Environment, Dept. of Building Science, and Director of Building Environment Test Center of Tsinghua University, China.  He was a visiting scholar or professor in Stuttgart University, Germany (1994-95), Tokyo University, Japan (1996), and Technique University of Denmark (DTU) (2004) and the Otto Mønsted visiting professor of DTU, Denmark (2007/2008). His research interests are indoor air quality, energy conservation through energy storage in buildings. He has published eight books or book chapters, over 90 international journal papers, and obtained 30 Chinese patents. He is principal investigator for over 30 research projects. He gave 7 keynote speeches in international conferences including the 11th Inter. Conf. of Indoor Air, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008. He is the administrative vice-chairman and general secretary of Chinese Association of Indoor Environment and Health, fellow of Inter. Academy of Indoor Air Science, and the Chair of Scientific and Technological Committee of Air Cleaning of Inter. Society of Indoor Air Quality (ISIAQ). Zhang serves as member on editorial boards of 5 international journals including Indoor Air, Indoor and Built Environment. He has received a series of awards such Outstanding Young Researcher Award of NSFC, the 1st and the 2nd Prizes of Ministry of Education of China.
Tel:+86 10 62772518Email:zhangyp@tsinghua.edu.cn
Zhang Heping
State Key Laboratory of Fire Science
ZHANG Heping: 1982-1987 Undergraduate student, Tsinghua University; 1987-1990 Postgraduate student, University of Science and Technology of China; 1992-1995 Doctor student, University of Science and Technology of China; 1995-present, Associated professor and Professor, State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, University of Science and Technology of China.  Professor Zhang is the director of State Key Laboratory of Fire Science. He is presently Member of the Asia Pacific Association of Public Safety Science and Technology, Member of the China Occupational Safety and Health Association, Permanent Member of Anhui Association of Work Safety Science and Technology, Member of the National Work Safety Expert Group: Building Fire Protection, Member of the Steering Committee of Higher School University Safety Engineering, Member of the Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention, Editor of ‘Safety’ magazine, Member of the Building Fire Protection Technology Sub-institute of Architectural Society of China, and Permanent Member of Anhui Fire Protection Association. He was supported by the new century ‘Hundred, Thousand Ten Thousand Talents Project’ in China in 2009. Professor Zhang’s current research interests include evolutionary theory of fire dynamics, fire behavior of building finishing materials, and fire risk evaluation and performance based fire protection design. He investigated the fire smoke movement characteristic in different structure buildings, proposed the reasonable simulation principle, and facilitated the development of smoke control theory and the exploitation of smoke control technology in enclosure fire. He established the international advanced full-scale experimental measurement platform of heat release rate, investigated the fire behavior of typical finishing materials in real fire scenario by using the ISO-Room method, proposed the fire behavior model of plywood, and provided the theory and technology support for building
Tel:+86 551 3601665Email:zhanghp@ustc.edu.cn
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