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Selected Publications of QIN Peng


[1] Peng Qin, Mengran Liao, Danfeng Zhang, Yujun Liu, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang*. Experimental and numerical study on a novel hybrid battery thermal management system integrated forced-air convection and phase change material [J], Energy Conversion and Management, 2019, 195: 1371-81( ESI 高被引)

[2] Peng Qin, Zhuangzhuang Jia, Jingyun Wu, Kaiqiang Jin, Qiangling Duan,Lihua Jiang*, Jinhua Sun, Jinghu Ding, Cheng Shi, Qingsong Wang*. The thermal runaway analysis on LiFePO4 electrical energy storage packs with different venting areas and void volumes [J]. Applied Energy, 2022, 313: 118767.

[3] Peng Qin, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang*. A new method to explore thermal and venting behavior of lithium-ion battery thermal runaway [J], Journal of Power Sources, 2021, 486: 229357.

[4] Peng Qin, Zhuangzhuang Jia, Kaiqiang Jin*, Qiangling Duan, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang*.The experimental study on a novel integrated system with thermal management and rapid cooling for battery pack based on C6F12O spray cooling in a closedloop [J], Journal of Power Sources, 2021, 516: 230659.

[5] Peng Qin, Mengran Liao, Wenxi Mei, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang*. The experimental and numerical investigation on a hybrid battery thermal management system based on forced-air convection and internal finned structure [J], Applied Thermal Engineering, 2021, 195: 117212.

[6] Peng Qin, Jinhua Sun, Xulai Yang*, Qingsong Wang*. Battery thermal management system based on the forced-air convection: A review, eTransportation, 2021, 7: 100097.

[7] Zhuangzhuang Jia1(共一), Peng Qin1(共一), Zheng Li, Zesen Wei, Kaiqiang Jin, Lihua Jiang, Qingsong Wang*.Analysisof gas release during the process of thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries with three different cathode materials [J]. Journal of Energy Storage, 2022, 50: 104302.

[8] Peng Qin, Shuping Wang, Yifeng Cheng, Lihua Jiang, Qiangling Duan, Kaiqiang Jin, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang, A novel algorithm for heat generation and core temperature based on single-temperature in-situ measurement of lithium ion cells[J],Journal of Power Sources, 2022, 542: 231731.

 [10] Zonghou Huang, Yin Yu, Qiangling Duan, Peng Qin*, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang*. Heating position effect on internalthermal runaway propagation in large-format lithium iron phosphate battery [J]. Applied Energy, 2022, 325: 119778.

[11] Zhuangzhuang Jia, Yuanyuan Min, Peng Qin*, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang*. Effect of safety valve types on the gas venting behavior and thermal runaway hazarseverity of large-format prismatic lithium iron phosphate batteries [J]. Journal of Energy Chemistry. Accepted

[12] Zhuangzhuang Jia, Shuping Wang, Peng Qin*, Changhao Li, Laifeng Song, Zhixiang Cheng, Kaiqiang Jin, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang*. Comparative investigation of the thermal runaway and gas venting behaviors of large-format LiFePO4 batteries caused by overcharging and overheating. Journal of Energy Storage, 2023, 61: 106791.

[13] Shuping Wang, Danfeng Zhang, Changhao Li, Junkai Wang, Jiaqing Zhang, Yifeng Cheng, Wenxin Mei, Siyuan Cheng,Peng Qin*, Qiangling Duan*, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang. Numerical optimization for a phase change material based lithiumion battery thermal management system[J]. Applied Thermal Engineering, 2023, 222: 229839.

[14] Junyuan Li, Bang Tong, Peng Gao, Zhixiang Cheng, Mingwei Cao, Wenxin Mei, Peng Qin*, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang*, A novel method to determine the multi-phase ejection parameters of high-density battery thermal runaway[J], Journal of Power Sources, Accepted

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