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Selected Publications of DING Long


[1]    Ding, Long; Hu, Haowei; Ji, Jie*. Holistic Value-at-Risk Assessment Framework for Fire Risk Assessment of Heritage Buildings Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process and Text Mining. ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A Civil Engineering, 2023; 9(1): 04022059.

[2]    Shou, Yuming; Chen, Jinyue; Guo, Xiaoxue; Zhu, Jiping; Ding, Long*; Ji, Jie*; Cheng, Yifeng. A dynamic individual risk management method considering spatial and temporal synergistic effect of toxic substance leakage and fire accidents. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 2023; 169: 238-251.

[3]    Ding, Long; Khan, Faisal; Ji, Jie. Application of data mining to minimize fire-induced domino effect risks. Risk Analysis, 2022; 1-19. https://doi.org/10.1111/risa.13925

[4]    Ding, Long; Khan, Faisal*; Ji, Jie*. A novel vulnerability model considering synergistic effect of fire and overpressure in chemical processing facilities. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 2022; 217:108081.

[5]    Guo, Xiaoxue; Ding, Long*; Ji, Jie*; Cozzani, Valerio. A cost-effective optimization model of safety investment allocation for risk reduction of domino effects. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 2022; 225: 108584.

[6]    Chen, Jinyue; Ji, Jie; Guo, Xiaoxue; Ding, Long*. An Improved Approach for Spatial and Temporal Individual Risk Assessment Considering Synergistic Effects of Multiple Fires Occurred Sequentially. Fire Technology, 2022; 58: 2093-2121.

[7]    Ding, Long; Li, Yin; Ji, Jie*; Lin, Chengchun; Wang, Liangzhu(Leon). A cost-effective building fire smoke spread prediction approach for risk mitigation based on data assimilation using Ensemble Kalman Filter. Fire and Materials, 2022; 46: 1045-1060.

[8]    Ding, Long; Khan, Faisal; Guo, Xiaoxue; Ji, Jie*. A novel approach to reduce fire-induced domino effect risk by leveraging loading/unloading demands in chemical industrial parks. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 2021; 146: 610-619.

[9]    Ding, Long; Gong, Changzhi; Ge, Fanliang; Ji, Jie*. Experimental study on flame radiation characteristic from line pool fires of n-heptane fuel in open space. Energy, 2021; 218: 119435.

[10]  Guo, Xiaoxue; Ji, Jie; Khan, Faisal; Ding, Long*; Tong, Qi. A novel fuzzy dynamic Bayesian network for dynamic risk assessment and uncertainty propagation quantification in uncertainty environment, Safety Science, 2021; 141: 105285.

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[12]  Wang, Chen; Ding, Long*; Wan, Huaxian; Ji, Jie*; Huang, Yonglong. Experimental study of flame morphology and size model of a horizontal jet flame impinging a wall, Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 2021; 147: 1009–1017.

[13]  Liu, Chunxiang; Ding, Long*; Ji, Jie. Experimental study of the effects of ullage height on fire plume centerline temperature with a new virtual origin model, Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 2021; 146: 961–967.

[14]  He, Mingming; Ding, Long*; Yu, Longxing; Ji, Jie*. Effect of density on the smoldering characteristics of cotton bales ignited internally.Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 2021; 38:5043-5051.

[15]  Tan, Tiantian; Yu, Longxing; Ding, Long*; Gao, Zihe; Ji, Jie. Numerical investigation on the effect of ambient pressure on mechanical smoke extraction efficiency in tunnel fires.Fire Safety Journal, 2021; 120:103136.

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[20]  Tan, Tiantian; Ding, Long*; Wang, Zhiyong; Ji, Jie; Yang, Yaqi. Experimental study on the characteristics of buoyancy-driven turbulent flame generated by rectangular fire sources with different length-width ratios in an open space.Fuel, 2020; 289: 119778.

[21]  Guo, Fangyi; Ding, Long*; Gao, Zihe; Yu, Longxing*; Ji, Jie. Effects of wind flow and sidewall restriction on the geometric characteristics of propane diffusion flames in tunnels.Energy,2020;198:117332.

[22]  Chen, Jinyue; Ji, Jie*; Ding, Long*; Wu, Jiansong. Fire risk assessment in cotton storage based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation and Bayesian network.Fire and Materials,2020;44:683-692.

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[24]  Gong, Changzhi; Ding, Long*; Wan, Huaxian; Ji, Jie*; Gao, Zihe; Yu, Longxing. Spatial temperature distribution of rectangular n-heptane pool fires with different aspect ratios and heat fluxes received by adjacent horizontal targets.Fire Safety Journal, 2020;112:102959.

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[27]  Ding, Long*; Wang, Hong; Jiang, Jing; Xu, Aidong. SIL verification for SRS with diverse redundancy based on system degradation using reliability block diagram. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 2017; 165:170-187.

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[29]  Ding, Long*; Wang, Hong; Kang, Kai; Wang, Kai. A novel method for SIL verification based on system degradation using reliability block diagram. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 2014; 132:36-45.



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[3]    纪杰,万华仙,丁龙,余龙星。高层建筑火灾动力学,科学出版社,2020



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