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Selected Publications of ZHUJixin


[1] Zhang, H.J., Xu, K., Liu, H.D., Han, W.Q., Zhao, Y., Li, R.Z., Nie, Z.T., Xu, F., Zhu, J.X.*, Huang, W.*, 2021, Robust self-gated-carriers enabling highly sensitive wearable temperature sensors, Applied Physics Reviews 8(3), 031416.
 [2] Liu, H.D., Zhang, H.J., Han, W.Q., Lin, H.J., Li, R.Z.*, Zhu, J.X.*, Huang, W.*, 2021, 3D Printed Flexible Strain Sensors: from Printing to Devices and Signals,
Advanced Materials 33(8), 2004782.

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[4] Lu, Y.F., Zhang, H.J., Liu, H.D., Nie, Z.T., Xu, F., Zhao, Y.*, Zhu, J.X.*, Huang, W., 2021,  Electrolyte Dynamics Engineering for Flexible Fiber-Shaped Aqueous Zinc-Ion Battery with Ultralong Stability, Nano Letters 21(22), 9651-9660.

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[6] Ding, Y., Zhang, Q., Rui, K., Xu, F., Lin, H.J., Yan, Y., Li, H., Zhu, J.X.*, Huang, W.*, 2020,  Ultrafast Microwave Activating Polarized Electron for Scalable Porous Al towards High-Energy-Density Batteries, Nano Letters 20 (12), 8818-8824.

[7] Rui, K., Zhao, G.Q., Lao, M.M., Zheng, X.B., Zhu, J.X.*, Huang, W., Dou, S.X., Sun, W.P.*, 2019, Direct Hybridization of Noble Metal Nanostructures on 2D Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets to Catalyze Hydrogen Evolution, Nano Letters 19(12), 8447-8453.

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[10] Rui, K., Zhao, G.Q., Chen, Y.P., Lin, Y., Zhou, Q., Chen, J.Y., Zhu, J.X.*, Sun, W.P.*, Huang, W., Dou, S.X., 2018, Hybrid 2D Dual-Metal-Organic Frameworks for Enhanced Water Oxidation Catalysis, Advanced Functional Materials, 28(26) 1801554.


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