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Selected Publications of XUAN Shouhu


Tao Hu, Shouhu Xuan*, Li Ding, Xinglong Gong*, Liquid metal circuit based magnetoresistive strain sensor with discriminating magnetic and mechanical sensitivity, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 314: 128095, 2020

Min Sang, Sheng Wang, Shuai Liu, Mei Liu, Linfeng Bai, Wanquan Jiang*, Shouhu Xuan*, Xinglong Gong*, A hydrophobic, self-powered, electromagnetic shielding PVDF-based wearable device for human body monitoring and protection, ACS Applied Materials Interfaces, 11: 47340−47349, 2019

Sheng Wang#, Liping Gong#, Zejin Shang, Li Ding, Guansheng Yin*, Wanquan Jiang, Xinglong Gong, Shouhu Xuan*, Novel safeguarding tactile e-skins for monitoring human motion based on SST/PDMS-AgNW-PET hybrid structures, Advanced Functional Materials, 28: 1707538, 2018.

Jiabin Feng, Shouhu Xuan*, Li Ding, Xinglong Gong*,Magnetoactive elastomer/PVDF composite film based magnetically controllable actuator with real-time deformation feedback property, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 103: 25-34, 2017. (Advanced in Engineering, Highlight)

Chenhui Xu, Yu Wang, Jie Wu, Shichao Song, Saisai Cao, Shouhu Xuan*, Wanquan Jiang, Xinglong Gong*, Anti-impact response of Kevlar sandwich structure with silly putty core, Composites Science and Technology, 153: 168-177, 2017.



Xinglong Gong, Jiaqi Xu, Shouhu Xuan, The designation and mechanical properties of magnetorheological plastomer [M]. Magnetorheological Materials and their Applications, 2019: 395-420.


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