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Selected Publications of ZHU Xiaolong


[1]      Zhu Xiaolong, bingyou Jiang*, Jian Hu, Huazhong Sun, Jiangyue Zhao, Shi Hu, Ruiqing Tao, Xishi Wang*, Pei Zhu. The head-on collision between droplet and stationary particle under mesoscopic scale: Effect of sample size, velocity, viscosity, and wettability. Physics of Fluids, 2023, 11 (35)

[2]      Zhu Xiaolong, Chen Guang, Wang Zhigang, Wu Liusuo, Luo Jianfei, & Wang Xishi*. Extinguishment of a transformer fire with a long projection water mist system[J]. Fire Safety Journal, 2022, 130: 103603.

[3]       Gan Jian, Jiang Bingyou*, Zhu Xiaolong*, Xiao Zhongmin, Liu Tong, Pan Chuanyu, Hu Jian & Wang Qingguo. Structure influence on the operating limit range and mixing performance of non-axisymmetric jet pump[J]. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 2022, 88: 102254.

[4]       Yang Husheng, Zhu Xiaolong*, Hu Ruixia, Zhang Kang, Xu Chaohang, Wang Qingguo, & Wang Hetang*. Characteristics of a Cavitating Spoiler Mixing Device and Its Performance in a Foam Dust Suppression System[J]. ACS Omega, 2022, 7(34): 29886-29900.

[5]       Li Guochun, Pan Chuanyu, Liu Yangpeng, Zhu Xiaolong*, Ni Xiaomin, Zhao Xiangdi, Chen Guoxin, Wang Xishi*. Evaluation of the effect of water mist on propane/air mixture deflagration: Large-scale test[J]. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 2021, 147: 1101-1109.

[6]       Liu Tong, Hu Jian, Tao Changfa, Zhu Xiaolong*, Wang Xishi*. Effect of parallel connection on 18650-type lithium ion battery thermal runaway propagation and active cooling prevention with water mist[J]. Applied Thermal Engineering, 2021, 184: 116291.

[7]       Zhu Xiaolong, Wang Hetang*, Wang Deming*, Xu Chaohang, Zhou Wendong, & Zhu Yunfei. Improved foam application at the tunnel face with large ventilation volume and low pressure supplied water[J]. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 2020, 95: 103139. doi: 10.1016/j.tust.2019.103139.

[8]       Zhu Xiaolong, Wang Deming, Vincent S. J. Craig*. Interaction of particles with surfactant thin films: Implications for dust suppression[J]. Langmuir, 2019, 35(24): 7641-7649.

[9]  Zhu Xiaolong, Wang Deming*, Xu Chaochang, Zhu Yunfei, Zhou Wendong, & He Fei. Structure influence on jet pump operating limits[J]. Chemical Engineering Science, 2018, 192: 143-160.

[10]    Zhu Xiaolong, Wang Deming*, Wang Hetang, Zhu Yunfei, & Xu Chaohang. A cavitating device for mini quantitative liquid addition[J]. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 2017, 57: 87-93.


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