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Selected Publications of ZHANG Lidong


[1] W. He, Q. Xu, C. Xie, J. Z. Yin, P. D. Li, Z. D. Wang, L. D. Zhang*, L. X. Wei*, 2022, Experimental and kinetic modeling studies of 2-acetylfuran pyrolysis at atmospheric pressure, Combust. Flame 236: 111824.

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[6] C. C. Ao, S. S. Ruan, W. He, Y. Liu, C. L. He, K. W. Xu, L. D. Zhang*, 2021, Toward high-level theoretical studies on the reaction kinetics of PAHs growth based on HACA pathway: An ONIOM[G3(MP2,CC)//B3LYP:DFT] method developed, Fuel301: 121052.

[7] C. C. Ao, W. Zhao, S. S. Ruan, S. Y. Qian, Y. Liu, L. Wang, L. D. Zhang*, 2021, Theoretical investigations of electrochemical CO2 reduction by transition metals anchored on CNTs,Sustainable Energy & Fuels4: 6156.

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[16] L. D. Zhang, Q. X. Chen, P. Zhang*, 2015, A theoretical kinetics study of the reactions of methyl butanoate with hydrogen and hydroxyl radicals, Proc. Combust. Inst, 35: 481.

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