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Brief Biography

PhD in Control Theory and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China, 2005
Postdoc, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2005-2007
Associate Professor, University of Science and Technology of China, 2007-2012
Professor, University of Science and Technology of China, 2012-
Visiting Scholar, University of South Wales, UK, 2012-2013

Research Areas

Networked control systems
Artificial intelligence 
Vehicle tail gas remote sensing technology
Stochastic hybrid control theory

Professional Activities

Chinese Academy of Sciences Youth Innovation Association2017~
China Association of Automation youth working committee vice chairman2017~
Member, Technical Committee on Control Theory, Chinese Association of Automation, 2013-
Member of the Editorial Board, Systems Sciences and Mathematics, 2014-
Vice Chair, IEEE Control System Society Beijing Chapter, 2013-
Member of the Editorial Board, Advances in Microelectronic Engineering, 2013-
Member, Association of Innovation enhancement for young scholars, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2011-
Member, Committee on Young Scholars, Chinese Association of Automation, 2010-
General Secretory, 31th Chinese Control Conference, 2012
Executive member, Association of Deans of the Automation Department in Anhui, 2014
Senior Member, IEEE, 2014-
Senior Member, Chinese Association of Electronics, 2010


National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation project(2018-2022,Pincipal investigator)
Title:Networked System Analysis, Control and Application for Exhaust Gas Monitoring (Grant:61725304)
National Natural Science Foundation of China(2017-2020,Pincipal investigator)
Title:Research on Control Problem of Nonlinear Markov Jump System Based on Approximate Model in Network Environment (Grant:61673361)
National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars (2015-2017, Pincipal investigator) 
 Title:Analysis, Control and Application of Networked Control Systems (Grant: 61422307)
New century Excellent Talents in University(2011-2013, Pincipal investigator) 
 Title:Modeling and Optimization of Hybrid Systems in the Networked Environment(Grant :Ncet-10-0985)
Key Project, NSFC,(2010-2013,Pincipal investigator of the subproject) 
 Title:Service-Oriented Fast Machine Vision and Smart Servo Control (Grant: 60935001)
863 Program (2014-2016, Pincipal investigator of the subproject)
 Title:Advanced Equipment for Environment Monitor (Grant: 60935001) 
General Project, NSFC, (2012-2015, Pincipal investigator) 
 Title:Information Network Oriented Analysis and Control for Stochastic Jump Systems (Grant: 61174061)
Grant for Young Scholars, NSFC(2008-2012, Pincipal investigator)
Title:Control of Markov Jump Systems with Time-varying Delay (Grant: 60704007)
National Postdoc Fund,(2006-2007,Pincipal invastigator)  
 Title:Studies on the Control of Jump Systems with Input Delay (Grant: 20060400516)
Key Project of Anhui Province(2008-2009, Pincipal invastigator) 
 Title: Online Monitor and Analysis Software Version 2.0 for Tail Gas Using Tunable Infrared Laser (Grant: 08010202038)
Dean Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences,(2008-2010, Pincipal invastigator) 
 Title:Modeling and Stochastic Stability Analysis for Multi-task Networked Control Systems
Anhui Funds for Excellent Young Scholars(2008-2009, Principal invastigator) 
 Title:Studies on the Control of Networked Control Systems with Random Delays (Grant: 08040106841 )
Key Problem Tackle Program of Anhui(2011-2012, Principal invastigator) 
 Title:Database Management System for Tail Gas of Multi-Channel Vechicles (Grant:10020203069 )
General Project, Anhui National Science Fundation(2011-2012, Principal invastigator) 
 Title:Control of A Class of Networked Stochastic Control Systems (Grant:11040606M143 )
Basic Research Funds of Universities,(2011-2012, Principal invastigator)
 Title:Control of Information Network Oriented Markov Jump Systems (Grant:WK2100100005)

Honors and Awards

National Outstanding Youth Fund, 2017
Chinese Society of Automation Science and Technology Progress Award, 2016
Chinese Association of Young Scientists Award, 2016
China Patent Excellence Award, 2016
Ministry of Education Young Changjiang Scholar, 2015
Central Organization Department million people plan - top-notch talent, 2014
New century Excellent Talents in University, 2010
National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, 2014
Scientific 1st Award of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, 2013
Wang Kuancheng Education 1st Award, 2013
Best Theoretical Paper Award, 28th Conference for Young Scholars, Chinese Associatoin of Automation, 2013
Best Paper Award, IEEE CSS Beijing Chapter, 2012
Anhui Science and Technology Advance 3rd Award, 2010
Electronic Information 3rd Award, Chinese Electronics Society, 2010
Science Innovation Award, Quality Evaluation Association of China, 2010
Anhui 7th Science Innovation Award for Excellent Young Scholars, 2010
Anhui Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, 2007

Selected Publications

Selected Publications of KANG Yu



Jinzhai Road 96, 
State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, China University of Science and Technology, 
Hefei, 230026, Anhui, P. R. China

Professional Title:

PH.D.; Professor


(+86)551 63601508



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