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Selected Publications of ZHANG Heping

[1]   张和平陆松张丹刘长城付阳阳飞机防火技术概论[M]. 科学出版社, 2017.

[2]   Peng Min, Cheng Xudong*, Cong Wei, Yang Hui, Shi Long, Yuen Richard, Zhang Heping*. Experimental investigation on the characteristics and propagation of fire inside subway train. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 107 (2021) 103632.

[3]   Pan Yuelei, Gong Lunlun, Cheng Xudong*, Zhou Yong, Fu Yanbao, Feng Jun, Ahmed Hoda, Zhang Heping*. Layer-Spacing-Enlarged MoS2 Superstructural Nanotubes with Further Enhanced Catalysis and Immobilization for Li–S Batteries[J]. ACS nano, 2020, 14(5): 5917-5925.

[4]   Zhao Junchao, Lu Song, Fu Yangyang, Usman Shahid Muhammad, Zhang Heping*.  Application of ultra-fine dry chemicals modified by POTS/OBS for suppressing aviation kerosene pool fire. Fire Safety Journal, 2020: 103148.

[5]   Pan Yuelei, Cheng Xudong*, Gao Mengyao, Fu Yanbao, Fengjun, Ahmed Hoda, Gong Lunlun, Zhang Heping*, Vincent Battaglia*. Dual-Functional Multichannel Carbon Framework Embedded with CoS2 Nanoparticles: Promoting the Phase Transformation for High-Loading Li–S Batteries[J]. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2020, 12(29): 32726-32735.

[6]   Cao Chengyang, Zhang Dan, Liu Changcheng, Lu Song*, Zhang Heping*. Experimental investigation on combustion behaviors and reaction mechanisms for 5-aminotetrazole solid propellant with nanosized metal oxide additives under elevated pressure conditions. Applied Thermal Engineering. 2019, 162: 114207.

[7]   Zhang Dan, Cao Chengyang, Lu Song, Cheng Yuan, Zhang Heping*. Experimental insight into catalytic mechanism of transition metal oxide nanoparticles on combustion of 5-Amino-1H-Tetrazole energetic propellant by multi kinetics methods and TG-FTIR-MS analysis. Fuel. 2019, 245: 78-88.

[8]   Deng Yurui, Gong Lunlun*, Pan Yuelei, Cheng Xudong, Zhang Heping*. long life sodium-selenium cathode by encapsulating selenium into N-doped interconnected carbon aerogels. Nanoscale, 2019, 11, 11671

[9]   Zhang Dan, Jiang Lin, Lu Song*Zhang Heping*. Insight into cooling agent addition on combustion activity and mechanism of catalyzed 5AT-Sr(NO3)2 based propellant[J]. Combustion and Flame, 2018, 196: 407-415.

[10]  Pan Yuelei, Cheng Xudong*, Gong Lunlun, Shi Long, Deng Yurui, Zhang Heping*. Highly reversible Na ion storage in N-doped polyhedral carbon-coated transition-metal chalcogenides by optimizing the nanostructure and surface engineering[J]. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018, 6(39): 18967-18978.

[11]  Pan Yuelei, Cheng Xudong*, Gong Lunlun, Shi Long, Zhou Ting, Deng Yurui, Zhang Heping*. Double-morphology CoS2 anchored on N-doped multichannel carbon nanofibers as high-performance anode materials for Na-ion batteries[J]. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2018, 10(37): 31441-31451.

[12]  Zhang Dan, Lu Song*, Cao Chengyang, Liu Changcheng, Gong Lunlun, Zhang Heping*. Impacts on combustion behavior of adding nanosized metal oxide to CH3N5-Sr(NO3)2 propellant[J]. Fuel, 2017, 191: 371-382.

[13]  Li Zhi, Cheng Xudong*, Shi Long, He Song, Gong Lunlun, Li Congcong, Zhang Heping*. Flammability and oxidation kinetics of hydrophobic silica aerogels[J]. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2016, 320: 350-358.

[14]  Gong Lunlun, Wang Yonghong, Cheng Xudong, Zhang Ruifang, Zhang Heping*. Thermal conductivity of highly porous mullite materials[J]. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 2013, 67: 253-259.

[15]  Wang Xuegui, Cheng Xudong, Li Liming, Siuming Lo, Zhang Heping*. Effect of ignition condition on typical polymer's melt flow flammability[J]. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2011, 190(1-3): 766-771.


[1]   张和平,潘月磊,程旭东,龚伦伦一种采用外循环方式常压干燥制备改性二氧化硅气凝胶材料的方法,ZL201810865511.8,授权日:2020.5.5

[2]   张和平,潘月磊,程旭东,龚伦伦一种纳米纤维素气凝胶的制备方法及保温隔热材料,ZL201711188620.2,授权日:2020.8.28

[3]   张和平,赵军超,陆松,付阳阳一种ABC类超细干粉灭火剂及其制备方法. ZL201811251464.4,授权日:2020.8.28

[4]   张和平,赵军超,陆松,付阳阳疏水疏油改性剂及其制备方法、改性粉体的制备方法. ZL201811251431.X,授权日:2020.8.28

[5]   张和平袁伟陆松一种用于灭火剂浓度测量实验的飞机发动机舱模拟装置. ZL201811274225.0,授权日:2020.5.12

[6]   张和平曹承阳陆松张丹一种具有麦撒燃烧效应的复合气体发生剂及制备方法. ZL 201810584270.X,授权日:2020.8.28

[7]   张和平张丹,陆松,曹承阳,一种用于固体推进剂燃烧/燃温的测试装置及其测试方法. ZL 2016 1 0826778.7 授权日:2019.4.26

[8]   张和平,姚勇征,程旭东,张少刚,朱凯,李聪聪一种小尺寸多功能隧道火灾实验平台. ZL 2016 1 0200868.5 授权日:2019.1.11

[9]   张和平,郑荣,管雨,陆松,程元,一种切换速度可调节的管道流体切换开关. ZL 2017 1 0131211.2 授权日:2019.7.23

[10]  张和平,钱汉杰,陆松,管雨,张丹,一种灭火气体快速均匀加热装置. ZL 2017 1 0145543.6  授权日:2019.11.22


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