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ZHOU Dechuang
Brief Biography

Doctor, University of Science & Technology of China (2009)
Engineer of State Key Laboratory of Fire Science of China (2009-)

Technical Expertise

Fire research experimental platform and fire parameters measurements
Fire numerical simulation and virtual reality simulation


Technical support for the work bench of “InnovoStar” VR system, Walk-in low pressure chamber, etc. 
Development of fire research platform and equipment purchase
Study on the measurement methods of fire thermophysical parameters


In recent years, Doc. Zhou has Participated many projects supported by Ministry of Science & Technology of China(Authorize ID: 2004BA803B03-3, 2004BA803B03-1, 2006BAK06B07) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (Authorize ID: 51036007,91024027)

Honors and Awards

Selected Publications

Selected Publications of ZHOU Dechuang

ZHOU Dechuang


Jinzhai Road 96, State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, China University of Science and Technology, Hefei, 230026, Anhui, P. R. China

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