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Selected Publications of CHENG Xudong

1. Min Peng, Kun He, Hui Yang, Wei Cong, Xudong Cheng*, Long Shi, Yuen Richard. Experimental Study on Fire Plume Characteristics in a Subway Carriage with Doors. Fire Technology. (2019) 56(2): 401-423. *Corresponding author

2. Shaogang Zhang, Long Shi, Jinhui Wang, Xianbin Li, Yuedong Han, Kun He, Xudong Cheng*. Critical ventilation velocity of two fire sources with different separating distances in road tunnel. Journal of Fire Sciences. (2019) 37: 320-339.

3. Kun He, Xudong Cheng*, Shaogang Zhang, Yongzheng Yao, Min Peng, Hui Yang, Wei Cong, Zhicheng Shi, Zhengquan Chen. Experimental study on smoke control using wide shafts in a natural ventilated tunnel. Journal of Wind Engineering & Industrial Aerodynamics. (2019) 195: 104015.

4. Kun He, Xudong Cheng*, Yongzheng Yao, Long Shi, Hui Yang, Wei Cong. Characteristics of multiple pool fires in a tunnel with natural ventilation. Journal of Hazardous Materials. (2019) 369: 261–267.

5. Ting Zhou, Xudong Cheng*, Yuelei Pan, Congcong Li, Lunlun Gong*. Mechanical performance and thermal stability of polyvinyl alcohol–cellulose aerogels by freeze drying. Cellulose (2019) 26:1747–1755.

6. Yongzheng Yao, Shaogang Zhang, Long Shi, Xudong Cheng*. Effects of shaft inclination angle on the capacity of smoke exhaust under tunnel fire. Indoor and Built Environment. (2019) 28(1): 77-87.

7. Xudong Cheng*, Long Shi, Peng Dai, Guomin Zhang, Hui Yang, Jie Li. Study on optimizing design of solar chimney for natural ventilation and smoke exhaustion. Energy & Buildings. (2018) 170: 145-156.

8. Ting Zhou, Xudong Cheng*, Yuelei Pan, Congcong Li, Lunlun Gong, Heping Zhang*. Mechanical performance and thermal stability of glass fiber reinforced silica aerogel composites based on co-precursor method by freeze drying. Applied Surface Science. (2018) 437: 321–328.

9. Shaogang Zhang, Kun He, Yongzheng Yao, Min Peng, Hui Yang, Jinhui Wang, Xudong Cheng*. Investigation on the critical shaft height of plug-holing in the natural ventilated tunnel fire. International Journal of Thermal Sciences. (2018) 132: 517-533.

10. Yuelei Pan, Xudong Cheng*, Lunlun Gong, Long Shi, Heping Zhang*. Nanoflower-like N-doped C/CoS2 as high-performance anode materials for Na-ion batteries. Nanoscale.(2018) 10: 20813-20820.

11. Yajun Huang, Lunlun Gong, Yuelei Pan, Congcong Li, Ting Zhou, Xudong Cheng*. Facile construction of the aerogel/geopolymer composite with ultra-low thermal conductivity and high mechanical performance. RSC Advances. (2018) 8: 2350-2356.

12. Yajun Huang, Lunlun Gong, Long Shi, Wei Cao, Yuelei Pan, Xudong Cheng*. Experimental investigation on the influencing factors of preparing porous fly ash-based geopolymer for insulation material. Energy and Buildings. (2018) 168: 9–18.

13. Yongzheng Yao, Kun He, Min Peng, Long Shi, Xudong Cheng*, Heping Zhang*. Maximum gas temperature rise beneath the ceiling in a portals-sealed tunnel fire. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. (2018) 80: 10-15.

14. Yuelei Pan, Xudong Cheng*, Lunlun Gong, Long Shi, Yurui Deng, Heping Zhang*. Highly reversible Na ion storage in N-doped polyhedral carbon-coated transition-metal chalcogenides by optimizing the nanostructure and surface engineering. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. (2018) 6: 18967-18978.

15. Kun He, Xudong Cheng*, Shaogang Zhang, Hui Yang, Yongzheng Yao, Min Peng, Wei Cong. Critical roof opening longitudinal length for complete smoke exhaustion in subway tunnel fires. International Journal of Thermal Sciences. (2018) 133: 55-61.

16. Yuelei Pan, Xudong Cheng*, Lunlun Gong, Long Shi, Ting Zhou, Yurui Deng, Heping Zhang*. Double-Morphology CoS2 Anchored on N-Doped Multichannel Carbon Nanofibers as High-Performance Anode Materials for Na-Ion Batteries. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. (2018) 10: 31441−31451.

17. Yongzheng Yao, Xudong Cheng*, Long Shi, Shaogang Zhang, Kun He, Min Peng, Heping Zhang*. Experimental study on the effects of initial sealing time on fire behaviors in channel fires. International Journal of Thermal Science. (2018) 125: 273-282.

18. Xudong Cheng, Congcong Li, Xiaojing Shi, Zhi Li, Lunlun Gong*, Heping Zhang*.Rapid synthesis of ambient pressure dried monolithic silica aerogels using water as the only solvent. Materials Letters, (2017)204: 157-160.

19. Lei Xu, Yong Zhou*, Kaiyuan Li, Changcheng Liu, Xudong Cheng*. Experimental study on fire behaviors of external thermal insulation composite system under vertical radiation. Fire and Materials. (2017) 41(7): 826-833.

20. Shaogang Zhang, Hui Yang, Yongzheng Yao, Kai Zhu, Yong Zhou, Xudong Cheng*, Long Shi. Numerical Investigation of Back-Layering Length and Critical Velocity in Curved Subway Tunnels with Different Turning Radius. Fire Technology, (2017) 53: 1765-1793.

21. Yongzheng Yao, Xudong Cheng*, Shaogang Zhang, Kai Zhu, Heping Zhang*, Long Shi. Maximum smoke temperature beneath the ceiling in an enclosed channel with different fire locations, Applied Thermal Engineering, (2017) 111: 30-38.

22. Kai Zhu, Yongzheng Yao, Shaogang Zhang, Ruifang Zhang, Xudong Cheng*, Long Shi. Smoke Movement in a Sloping Subway Tunnel under Longitudinal Ventilation with Blockage. Fire Technology, (2017)53(6):1985-2006.

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25. Shaogang Zhang, Xudong Cheng *, Yongzheng Yao, Kai Zhu, Kaiyuan Li, Song Lu, Ruifang Zhang, Heping Zhang*. An experimental investigation on blockage effect of metro train on the smoke back-layering in subway tunnel fires. Applied Thermal Engineering 99 (2016) 214–223.

26. Zhi Li, Lunlun Gong, Congcong Li, Yuelei Pan, Yajun Huang, Xudong Cheng*. Silica aerogel/aramid pulp composites with improved mechanical and thermal properties. Journal of Non-crystalline Solids, (2016) 454: 1-7.

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29. Canjun Liang, Xudong Cheng*, Hui Yang, Heping Zhang*, Kwok Yit Yuen. Experimental Study of Vertically Upward Flame Spread over PMMA slabs at Different Altitudes. Fire Materials. (2016) 40(3): 472-481.

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31. Shaogang Zhang, Yongzheng Yao, Kai Zhu, Kaiyuan Li, Ruifang Zhang, Song Lu, Xudong Cheng*. Prediction of smoke back-layering length under different longitudinal ventilations in the subway tunnel with metro train. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 53 (2016) 13–21.

32. Song He, Zhi Li, Xiaojing Shi, Hui Yang, Lunlun Gong, Xudong Cheng*. Rapid synthesis of sodium silicate based hydrophobic silica aerogel granules with large surface area. Advanced Powder Thechnology. 26(2) (2015)537-541.

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