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Selected Publications of GONG Xinglong


[1] Bao CL, Song L, Wilkie CA, Yuan BH, Guo YQ, Hu Y, and Gong XL, 2012, Graphite oxide, graphene, and metal-loaded graphene for fire safety applications of polystyrene, Journal of Materials Chemistry 22(32): 16399-16406.

[2] Hu S, Song L, Pan HF, Hu Y, and Gong XL, 2012, Thermal properties and combustion behaviors of flame retarded epoxy acrylate with a chitosan based flame retardant containing phosphorus and acrylate structure, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 97: 109-115.

[3] Yang W, Hong NN, Song L, Hu Y, Yuen RKK, and Gong XL, 2012, Studies on Mechanical Properties, Thermal Degradation, and Combustion Behaviors of Poly(1,4-butylene terephthalate)/Glass Fiber/Cerium Hypophosphite Composites, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 51(24): 8253-8261.

[4]Xu YG, Gong XL, Xuan SH, Li XF, Qin LJ, and Jiang WQ, 2012, Creep and recovery behaviors of magnetorheological plastomer and its magnetic-dependent properties, Soft Matter 8(32): 8483-8492.

[5] Xuan SH, Zhang YL, Zhou YF, Jiang WQ, and Gong XL, 2012, Magnetic PlasticineTM: a versatile magnetorheological material, Journal of Materials Chemistry 22(26): 13395-13400.

[6] Gong XL, Liao GJ, and Xuan SH, 2012, Full-field deformation of magnetorheological elastomer under uniform magnetic field, Applied Physics Letters 100(21): 211909.

[7] Gong XL, Guo CY, Xuan SH, Liu TX, Zong LH, and Peng C, 2012, Oscillatory normal forces of magnetorheological fluids, Soft Matter 8(19): 5256-5261.

[8] Gong XL, Fan YC, Xuan SH, Xu YG, and Peng C, 2012, Control of the Damping Properties of Magnetorheological Elastomers by Using Polycaprolactone as a Temperature-Controlling Component, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 51(18): 6395-6403.

[9] Qin LJ, Zhang ZW, Li XF, Yang XG, Feng ZH, Wang Y, Miao H, He LH, and Gong XL, 2012, Full-field analysis of shear test on 3D orthogonal woven C/C composites, Composites: Part A 43(2): 310-316.

[10] Fang QL, Xuan SH, Jiang WQ, and Gong XL, 2011, Yolk-like micro/nanoparticles with superparamagnetic iron oxide cores and hierarchical nickel silicate shells, Advanced Functional Materials 21(10): 1902-1909.

[11] Xuan SH, Zhou YF, Xu HJ, Jiang WQ, Leung KCF, and Gong XL, 2011, One step method to encapsulate nanocatalysts within Fe3O4 nanoreactors, Journal of Materials Chemistry 21(39): 15398-15404.

[12] Xu YG, Gong XL, Xuan SH, Zhang W, and Fan YC, 2011, A high-performance magnetorheological material: preparation,characterization and magnetic-mechanic coupling properties, Soft Matter 7(11): 5246-5254.

[13] Zhang XP, Jiang WQ, Zhou YF, Xuan SH, Peng C, Zong LH, and Gong XL, 2011, Magnetic recyclable Ag catalysts with a hierarchical nanostructure, Nanotechnology 22(37): 375701.

[14] Liao GJ, Gong XL, Kang CJ, and Xuan SH, 2011, The design of an active-adaptive tuned vibration absorber based on magnetorheological elastomer and its vibration attenuation performance, Smart Materials and Structures 20(7): 075015.

[15] Zhang W, Gong XL, Jiang WQ, and Fan YC, 2010, Investigation of the durability of anisotropic magnetorheological elastomers based on mixed rubber, Smart Materials and Structures 19(8): 085008.

[16] Chen L, Gong XL, and Li WH, 2008, Effect of carbon black on the mechanical performances of magnetorheological elastomers, Polymer Testing 27 (3): 340-345.

[17] Deng HX, Gong XL, 2008, Application of magnetorheological elastomer to vibration absorber, Communications In Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 13 (9): 1938-1947.

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[19] Deng HX, Gong XL, 2007, Adaptive tuned vibration absorber based on magnetorheological elastomer, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 18 (12): 1205-1210.

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