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Selected Publications of JIANG Yong


[1]Haoran Jiang, Yong Jiang*, Rujia Fan, Extinguishing capability of novel ultra-fine dry chemical agents loaded with iron hydroxide oxide, Fire Safety Journal, 2022, 130:103578.

[2]Haoran Jiang, Yong Jiang*, Rujia Fan, Xianli Zhu, A bio-resourced and superhydrophobic dry water extinguishing agent for pool fire based on phytic acid and silicon, Fire Technology, 2022, https://doi.org/10.1007/s10694-021-01192-0.

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[7]Xiangyong He, Yong Jiang*Yong Hu, Application of a newly developed naïve Bayes algorithm in fire alarm, 中国科学技术大学学报, 2022, accepted.

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[10]Zhiqiang Chen, Yong Jiang*, Numerical analysis on the combustion characteristics of NH3/H2/air flames with elevated initial pressure and temperature,International Journal of Hydrogen Energy2021, 46(79):39563-39576.

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[15]MengJie Li, Yong Jiang*et.al., Real-time prediction of smoke spread affected by multiple factors in subway tunnel using CAERES-DNN model, Fire Technology, 2021, 57(4):2025-2059.

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