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Selected Publications of WANG Qingsong


1.  Yujun Liu, Kai Yang, Mingjie Zhang, Shi Li, Fei Gao, Qiangling Duan, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang*. The efficiency and toxicity of dodecafluoro-2-methylpentan-3-one in suppressing lithium-ion battery fire, Journal of Energy Chemistry 65 (2022) 532–540.

2.  Chen Liang, Lihua Jiang, Zesen Wei, Wenhua Zhang, Qingsong Wang*, Jinhua Sun. Insight into the structural evolution and thermal behavior of LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 cathode under deep charge, Journal of Energy Chemistry 65 (2022) 424–432.

3.  Wenxin Mei, Lihua Jiang, Chen Liang, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang*. Understanding of Li-plating on graphite electrode: detection, quantification and mechanism revelation, Energy Storage Materials 41 (2021) 209–221.

4.  Qingkui Peng, Lifeng Wang, FangXin Ling, Rui Xu, Peiyu Duan, Hai Yang, Qingsong Wang*, Yan Yu*. Boosting Potassium Storage Performance via Construction of NbSe2–Based Misfit Layered Chalcogenides, Energy Storage Materials 39 (2021) 265-270.

5.  Binbin Mao, Chaoqun Liu, Kai Yang, Shi Li, Pengjie Liu, Mingjie Zhang, Xiangdong Meng, Fei Gao, Qiangling Duan, Qingsong Wang*, Jinhua Sun. Thermal runaway and fire behaviors of a 300 Ah lithium ion battery with LiFePO4 as cathode, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 139 (2021) 110717.

6.  Binbin Mao,Chunpeng Zhao, Haodong Chen, Qingsong Wang*, Jinhua Sun. Experimental and modeling analysis of jet flow and fire dynamics of 18650-type lithium-ion battery, Applied Energy 281 (2021) 116054.

7.  Chen Liang, Lihua Jiang, Shuliang Ye, Zhaoyu Wang, Zesen Wei, Qingsong Wang*, Jinhua Sun. Precise in-situ and ex-situ study on thermal behavior of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2/graphite coin cell: From part to the whole cell, Journal of Energy Chemistry 54 (2021) 54 332-341.

8.  Chen Liang, Wenhua Zhang, Zesen Wei, Zhaoyu Wang, Qingsong Wang*, Jinhua Sun. Transition-metal redox evolution and its effect on thermal stability of LiNixCoyMnzO2 based on synchrotron soft X-Ray absorption spectroscopy, Journal of Energy Chemistry 59 (2021) 446–454.

9.  Zonghou Huang, Pengjie Liu, Qiangling Duan, Chunpeng Zhao, Qingsong Wang*. Experimental investigation on the cooling and suppression effects of liquid nitrogen on the thermal runaway of lithium ion battery, Journal of Power Sources 495 (2021) 229795.

10.  Peng Qin, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang*. A new method to explore thermal and venting behavior of lithium-ion battery thermal runaway, Journal of Power Sources 486 (2021) 229357.

11.  Wenxin Mei, Lin Zhang, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang*. Experimental and Numerical methods to investigate the overcharge caused lithium plating for lithium ion battery,  Energy Storage Materials 32 (2020) 91-104.

12.  Qingkui Peng, Shipeng Zhang, Hai Yang, Binbin Sheng, Rui Xu, Qingsong Wang*, Yan Yu*. Boosting Potassium Storage Performance of Cu2S Anode via Morphology Engineering and Electrolyte Chemistry, ACS Nano 14(5) (2020) 6024–6033.

13.  Jialong Liu, Qiangling Duan, Mina Ma, Chunpeng Zhao, Jinhua Sun, Qingsong Wang*. Aging mechanisms and thermal stability of aged commercial 18650 lithium ion battery induced by slight overcharging cycling, Journal of Power Sources 445 (2020) 227263.

14.  Qingsong Wang, #, Binbin Mao, #, Stanislav I. Stoliarov, Jinhua Sun*. A review of lithium ion battery failure mechanisms and fire prevention strategies, Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 73 (2019) 95-131. (ESI热点论文)

15.  Qingsong Wang*#, Lihua Jiang#, Yan Yu, Jinhua Sun*. Progress of enhancing the safety of lithium ion battery from the electrolyte aspect, Nano Energy 55 (2019) 93–114. (ESI热点论文)

16.  Zihan Song, Kai Feng, Hongzhang Zhang*, Peng Guo, Lihua Jiang, Qingsong Wang*, Huamin Zhang, Xianfeng Li*. “Giving comes before receiving”: High performance wide temperature range Li-ion battery with Li5V2(PO4)3 as both cathode material and extra Li donor, Nano Energy 66 (2019) 104175.

17.  Huang Li, Qiangling Duan, Chunpeng Zhao, Zonghou Huang, Qingsong Wang*. Experimental investigation on the thermal runaway and its propagation in the large format battery module with Li(Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3)O2 as cathode, Journal of Hazardous Materials  375 (2019) 241-254.

18.  Peifeng Huang, Haodong Chen, Ankit Verma, Qingsong Wang*, Partha Mukherjee*, Jinhua Sun. Non-dimensional Analysis of the Criticality of Li-ion Battery Thermal Runaway Behavior, Journal of Hazardous Materials 369 (2019) 268-278.

19.  Beibei Yuan, Xizhen Sun, Linchao Zeng, Yan Yu*, Qingsong Wang*. A Free-Standing and Long Life Sodium-Selenium Cathode by Encapsulation of Selenium into Microporous Multichannel Carbon Nanofibers, Small 14(9) (2018) 1703252.

20.  Beibei Yuan, Linchao Zeng, Xizhen Sun Yan Yu*, Qingsong Wang*. Enhanced Sodium Storage Performance in Flexible Free-standing Multichannel Carbon Nanofibers with Enlarged Interlayer Spacing, Nano Research 11(4) (2018) 2256–2264.

21.  Lihua Jiang, Qingsong Wang*, Jinhua Sun. Electrochemical performance and thermal stability analysis of LiNixCoyMnzO2 cathode based on a composite safety electrolyte, Journal of Hazardous Materials 351 (2018) 260–269.

22.  Tangqin Wu, Haodong Chen, Qingsong Wang*, Jinhua Sun. Comparison Analysis on the Thermal Runaway of Lithium-ion Battery under Two Heating Modes, Journal of Hazardous Materials 344 (2018) 733–741.

23.  Peifeng Huang, Ping Ping, Ke Li, Haodong Chen, Jiana Ye, Qingsong Wang*, Jennifer Wen, Jinhua Sun. Experimental and modeling analysis of thermal runaway propagation over the large format energy storage battery module with Li4Ti5O12 anode. Applied energy 183 (2016) 659–673.

24.  Jiana Ye, Haodong Chen, Qingsong Wang*, Peifeng Huang, Jinhua Sun, Siuming Lo. Thermal behavior and failure mechanism of lithium ion cells during overcharge under adiabatic conditions. Applied Energy 182 (2016) 464–474.

25.  Jiajia Yan, Ke Li, Haodong Chen, Qingsong Wang*, Jinhua Sun. Experimental study on the application of phase change material in the dynamic cycling of battery pack system, Energy Conversion and Management128 (2016) 12–19.

26.  Qiujuan Sun, Qingsong Wang*, Xuejuan Zhao, Jinhua Sun, Zijing Lin. Numerical study on lithium titanate battery thermal response under adiabatic condition, Energy Conversion and Management 92 (2015) 184–193.

27.  Ping Ping, QingSong Wang*, PeiFeng Huang, Ke Li, JinHua Sun*,DePeng Kong, ChunHua Chen. Study of the fire behavior of high-energy lithium-ion batteries with full-scale burning test. Journal of Power Sources 285 (2015) 8089.

28.  Ping Ping, Qingsong Wang*, Peifeng Huang, Jinhua Sun*, Chunhua Chen. Thermal behaviour analysis of lithium-ion battery at elevated temperature using deconvolution method. Applied Energy 129 (2014) 261–273.

29.  Qingsong Wang*, Ping Ping, Xuejuan Zhao, Guanquan Chu, Jinhua Sun*, Chunhua Chen. Thermal runaway caused fire and explosion of lithium ion battery.Journal of Power Sources 208 (2012) 210-224. (ESI热点论文)

30.  Qingsong Wang*, Jinhua Sun, Chunhua Chen. Effects of solvents and salt on the thermal stability of lithiated graphite used in lithium ion battery, Journal of Hazardous Materials 167(1-3) (2009) 1209–1214.



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