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Selected Publications of WANG Xishi

Journal     papers (recent 10 years)

[1] Tong Liu, Jian Hu, Qi Tang, Xiaolong     Zhu, Xishi Wang*. Mitigating     overcharge induced thermal runaway of large format lithium ion battery with     water mist, Applied Thermal Engineering, 2021, 197: 117402

[2] Tong Liu, Jian Hu, Changfa Tao,     Xiaolong Zhu*, Xishi Wang*.     Effect of parallel connection on 18650-type lithium ion battery thermal     runaway propagation and active cooling prevention with water mist. Applied     Thermal Engineering, 184 (2021) 116291

[3] Guochun Li, Chuanyu Pan, Yangpeng     Liu, Xiaolong Zhu*, Xiaomin Ni, Xiangdi Zhao, Guoxin Chen, Xishi Wang*. Evaluation of the     effect of water mist on propane/air mixture deflagration: Large-scale test.     Process     Safety and Environmental Protection, 2021, 147: 1101-1109

[4] Yangpeng Liu, Jiaxing Shen, Jing Ma,     Guochun Li, Zihao Zhao, Xiaomin Ni, Xishi     Wang*. Laser-based measurement and numerical simulation of methane-air     jet flame suppression with water mist. Process Safety and Environmental     Protection, 148 (2021) 1033–1047

[5] Chuanyu Pan, Xishi Wang*, Guochun Li, Jiangyue Zhao, Meilin Liu, Yangpeng     Liu, Xiaolong Zhu. Influences of multi vents’ numbers and distributions on     vented ethanol-gasoline vapor deflagrations. Process Safety and Environmental     Protection, 152 (2021): 164–177

[6] Chuanyu Pan, Xishi Wang*, Guochun Li, Yangpeng Liu, Yong Jiang. Influences     of a square and circular vent on gasoline vapor explosions and its     propagation: Comparative experimental study. Case Studies in Thermal     Engineering, 27(2021)101225

[7] Mehdi Stiti, Yangpeng Liu, Hadrien     Chaynes, Fabrice Lemoine, Xishi Wang,     Guillaume Castanet. Fluorescence lifetime measurements applied to the     characterization of the droplet temperature in sprays. Experiments in Fluids,     2021, 62:174

[8] Jiaxing Shen and Xishi Wang*. Substrate counts:     Quantitative effects of surface roughness on fingering pattern and rim     shape of an impacting drop. Physics of Fluids, 2020, 32(9):     093313

[9] Chuanyu Pan, Guochun Li, Xishi Wang*. Effects of top vent     locations and gasoline volumes on vented gasoline vapor explosion in a     closed small scale vessel. FUEL, 2020, 277: 118226

[10] Yangpeng Liu, Xishi Wang*, Tong Liu, Jing Ma, Guochun Li, Zihao Zhao.     Preliminary study on extinguishing shielded fire with water mist. Process     Safety and Environmental Protection, 2020, 141: 344-354

[11] Tong Liu, Changfa Tao, Xishi Wang*. Cooling control effect     of water mist on thermal runaway propagation in lithium ion battery     modules. Applied Energy, 2020267: 115087-

[12] Guochun Li, Xishi Wang*, Xiangdi Zhao. Experimental study on explosion     characteristics of ethanol-gasoline blended fuels. Journal of Loss Prevention in     the Process Industries, 2020, 64: 104083-

[13] T. Liu,     Y. P. Liu, X. S. Wang*, X.X.     Kong, G. C. Li. Cooling control of thermally-induced 18650 lithium ion     battery thermal runaway with water mist. Energy Conversion and     Management, 2019, 199: 111969-

[14] Haiyong Cong, Xishi Wang*, Xiangxiao Kong, Hongli Xu. Effects of fire source     position on smoke extraction efficiency by natural ventilation through a     board- coupled shaft during tunnel fires. Proceedings of the Combustion     Institute, 2019, 37 (2019) 3975–3984

[15] Guochun Li, Xishi Wang*, Hongli Xu and Yangpeng Liu. Experimental study on     the mitigation of ethanol gasoline-air mixture explosion by     heptafluoropropane. Journal of Hazardous Materials,     2019, 378: 120711

[16] Yangpeng Liu, Xishi Wang*, Pei Zhu, Guochun Li, Xiaomin Ni, Jun Zhang.     Experimental study on gas jet suppressed by water mist: a clean control     technique in natural gas leakage incidents. Journal of Cleaner Production.     2019, 223: 163-175

[17] X.X. Kong, X.S. Wang*, H.Y. Cong, Y.P. Liu, J.P. Zhu. Temperature profile     and flame extension length of a ceiling impinging round jet fire in an     inclined tunnel. International Journal of Thermal     Sciences 2019, 137: 526–533

[18] Changfa Tao, Xishi Wang*, Peiyong Ma, Pei Zhu. An experimental investigation     on mass burning rate of small hydrocarbon pool fires with different lip     heights. Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers. 2019,42: 169-174

[19] Zhigang Wang, Xishi Wang†*, Yanqing Huang, Changfa Tao, Heping Zhang.     Experimental study on fire smoke control by water mist curtain in a     channel. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2018, 342: 231-241.

[20] Xiaomin Ni, Shaogang Zhang, Zhong     Zheng, Xishi Wang. Application     of water@silica core-shell particles for suppressing gasoline pool fires. Journal     of Hazardous Materials, 2018, 341: 20-27.

[21] Xishi Wang*, Qiong Tan, Zhigang Wang, Xiangxiao Kong, Haiyong     Cong. Preliminary study on fire protection of window glass by water mist     curtain. International Journal of Thermal Sciences. 2018, 125: 44-51

[22] haiyong Cong, Xishi Wang*, Pei Zhu, Tonghui Jiang, Xiaojing Shi. Influence of     board size and position on smoke extraction efficiency by natural     ventilation through a board-coupled shaft during tunnel fires. Applied     Thermal Engineering. 2018, 128: 614-624

[23] Yang Zhou, Rongwei Bu, Junhui Gong,     Xiaonan Zhang, Chuangang Fan, Xishi     Wang*. Assessment of a clean and efficient fire-extinguishing     technique: Continuous and cycling discharge water mist system. Journal     of Cleaner Production, 2018, 182: 682-693

[24] Xishi Wang*, Pei Zhu, Hongli Xu, Minghao Fan. Experimental     study on the Autoignition Characteristics of Pure and Oil-Impregnated     Transformer Insulating Paper board, Journal of Thermal Analysis and     Calorimetry, 2017, 127:2489–2497

[25] H. Y. Cong, X. S. Wang*, P. Zhu, T. H. Jiang, X. J. Shi. Improvement in     smoke extraction efficiency by natural ventilation through a board-coupled     shaft during tunnel fires. Applied Thermal Engineering,     2017, 118: 127-137

[26] Pei Zhu, Xishi Wang†*, Guochun Li, Yangpeng Liu, Xiangxiao Kong, Yanqing     Huang, Xiangdi Zhao, Jiwu Yuan. Experimental study on the interaction of     water mist spray with a high velocity gas jet. Fire Safety Journal.     2017, 93: 60-73

[27] Changfa Tao, Yaping He, Yuan     Zhuang, Yejian Qian, Xiaozhang Cheng, Xishi     WANG*. The investigation of flame length of buoyancy-controlled gas     fire bounded by wall and ceiling. Applied Thermal Engineering.     2017, 127: 1172-1183

[28] Zhen Wang, XiaoHong Sun, Qi Xue,     YiLe Wang, YongLe Qi, Xishi Wang*.     An optical fiber-folded distributed temperature sensor based on Raman     backscattering. Optics and Laser Technology, 2017, 93:224-227

[29] Zhigang Wang, Xishi Wang*, Pei Zhu, Pingping Chen, Xiangdi Zhao, Heping     Zhang. Experimental study on the vapor explosion process of a water drop     impact upon hot molten-ghee surface. Journal of Loss Prevention in the     Process Industries, 2017, 49: 839-844

[30] Hongli Xu, Xishi Wang*, Yuan Li, Pei Zhu, Haiyong Cong, Wenxi Qin.     Experimental investigation of methane/coal dust explosion under influence     of obstacles and ultrafine water mist. Journal of Loss Prevention in the     Process Industries, 2017, 49: 929-937

[31] Shaogang Zhang, Xiaomin Ni, Mei     Zhao, Ruifang Zhang, Xishi Wang.     Simultaneous Application of Bromofluoropropene and Water Mist for     Suppressing Wood Crib Fires in a Confined Space. Atomization and Sprays,     2017, 27: 465-476

[32]Shuai Wang, XiaoHong Sun, Cong Wang, Wei     Liu, Xishi WANG*. Liquid     Refractive Index Sensor Based on 2-D 10-fold Photonic Quasicrystal. J.     Phys. D_Appl. Phys., 2017, 50: 365102-365108

[33] Changfa Tao, Xishi Wang, Peiyong Ma. An experimental investigation of flame     length of alcohol and N-heptane pool fires under air cross condition. Experimental     Heat Transfer. 2017, 30: 489-499

[34] P. Zhu, X. S. Wang*, Y. P. He, C. F. Tao, X. M. Ni. Flame     characteristics and burning rate of small pool fires under downslope and     upslope oblique winds. Fuel, 2016, 184:725-734

[35] Mei Zhao, Xiaomin Ni, Shaogang     Zhang, Wei Cao, Yu Guan,Canjun Liang, Xishi     Wang and Heping Zhang, Improving the Performance of Fluoroprotein Foam     in Extinguishing Gasoline Pool Fires with Addition of Bromofluoropropene, Fire     and Material, 2016,40: 261-272.

[36] Meijuan Lan, Xishi Wang*, Pingping Chen and Xiangdi Zhao**. Effects of     surface tension and wood surface roughness on impact splash of a pure and     multi-component water drop, Case Studies in Thermal Engineering,     2016, 8: 218–225

[37]Xishi     Wang*, Pei Zhu, Yuan     Li, Xiaomin Ni, Minghao Fan. Effect of Low Ambient Air Pressure on Spray     Characteristics of Water Mist. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science,     2015, 66: 7-12.

[38] Pei Zhu, Xishi Wang* and Changfa Tao, Experiment study on the burning     rates of ethanol square pool fires affected by wall insulation and oblique     airflow. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 2015, 61: 259-268.

[39] Changfa Tao, Xishi Wang*, Xiaonan Zhang. Effects of transverse air flow on     mass loss rate of alcohol pool fires in an inclined wind tunnel. Journal     of Civil Engineering and Management, 2015, 21(6): 798-803.

[40] Dong-Sheng Ding, Wei Zhang,     Zhi-Yuan Zhou, Shuai Shi, Guo-Yong Xiang, Xi-Shi Wang, Yun-Kun Jiang, Bao-Sen Shi* and Guang-Can Guo.     Quantum Storage of Orbital Angular Momentum Entanglement in an Atomic     Ensemble, Physical Review Letters, 2015, 114: 050502.

[41] Pei Zhu, Xishi Wang*, Zhigang Wang, Haiyong Cong, Xiaomin Ni.     Experimental and numerical study on attenuation of thermal radiation from large     scale pool fires by water mist curtain, J. of Fire Sciences,     2015, 33(4) 269-289.

[42] Xiaomin Ni, Shaogang Zhang, Mei     Zhao, XishiWang, KaiqianKuang.     Experimental studies on the extinction of methane/air cup-burner flames     with gas-solid composite particles. Fire Safety Journal, 2015, 76:1-8.

[43] Pei Zhu and Xishi Wang*. Numerical Study on the Effects of Ambient Air     Pressure on Water Mist Characteristics. Energy Procedia, 2015,     66:169-172.

[44] Meijuan Lan, Xishi Wang*, Pei Zhu, PingPing Chen. Experimental study on the     dynamic process of a water drop with additives impact upon hot liquid fuel     surfaces. Physics Procedia, 2015, 66: 173-176.

[45] Liu Bing and Wang Xishi*. Flame radiant heat flux measurement based on     bi-material cantilever. International Journal of Thermal     Sciences, 2014, 79: 60-66.

[46] Xu Zhang,     Xiao-Hong Sun, Hui Huang, Xishi Wang,     Yongqing Huang, and Xiaomin Ren. Optical absorption in InP/InGaAs/InP     double-heterostructure nanopillar arrays for solar cells. Applied     Physics Letters, 2014,104: 061110.

[47] Ni Xiaomin,     Zheng Zhong, Wang Xishi, Zhang     Shaogang, Zhao Mei. Fabrication of hierarchical zeolite 4A microspheres     with improved adsorption capacity to bromofluoropropene and their fire     suppression performance, Journal of Alloys and Compounds,     2014, 592:135-139.

[48] Zhou     Zhi-Yuan, Ding Dong-Sheng, Jiang Yun-Kun, Li Yan, Shi Shuai, Wang Xi-Shi, Shi Bao-Sen, Orbital     angular momentum light frequency conversion and interference with     quasi-phase matching crystals. Optics Express, 17(22): 20298-20310.     

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[50] Xiaomin Ni, Xishi Wang, Shaogang Zhang, and Mei     Zhao. Experimental study on the performance of transition metal ions     modified zeolite particles in suppressing methane/air coflowing flame on     cup burner. Journal of Fire Sciences, 2014, 32: 417-430

[51] Meijuan LAN     and Xishi WANG*. A case study on     the dynamic process of water drop impacting upon heated wood surface. Case     Studies in Thermal Engineering, 2014, 2:23-28.

[52] Changfa Tao,     Yaping He, Yuan Li, Xishi Wang*.     Experimental study on the burning rate of alcohol pool fires in a     downward-inclined wind tunnel. Journal of Hazardous Materials,     2013, 260: 552-562.

[53] Hongli     Xu,Yuan Li, Pei Zhu, Xishi Wang*,     Heping Zhang. Experimental study on the mitigation via an ultra-fine water     mist of methane/coal dust mixture explosions in the presence of obstacles. Journal     of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 2013, 26:815-820.

[54] C.F. Tao and     X. Cai, Xishi Wang*.     Experimental Determination of Atmospheric Pressures Effects on Flames from     Small Scale Pool Fires. Journal of Fire Sciences, 2013,31(5)     387-394.

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[56] ChangfaTao, Xishi Wang*, Xiaonan Zhang. The     effects of wind pressure on mass burning rates of alcohol pool fires in an     inclined wind tunnel. J. of Applied Fire Science,     23(2):131-142, 2013-2014.

[57] Huang     Xianjia, Chen Pingping, Lan Meijuan,     WangXishi* and Liao     Guangxuan. Experimental Study of the Impact of Water Drops with Additive on     Wood Surfaces, Procedia Engineering, 2013, 62: 852-858.

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[61] Liang     Tianshui, Lo Siuming, Wang Xishi, Liao Guangxuan. A numerical study of the     fire-extinguishing performance of water mist in an opening machinery space.     Procedia     Engineering, 2012, 31: 734-738.

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International conference papers


[1]       Yangpeng Liu, Stiti   Mehdi, Castanet Guillaume*, Chaynes Hadrien, Lemoine Fabrice, Xishi Wang. Characterization of the   droplet temperature in sprays using laser-induced fluorescence and   time-correlated single-photon counting. ICLASS   2021, 15th Triennial International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray   Systems, Edinburgh, UK, 29 Aug. - 2 Sept. 2021

[2]       Xishi Wang, Research   progresses on fire suppression and explosion mitigation with water mist. International Conference on Fire Science   and Technology, Nov. 15-18, 2019, Langfang, Hebei, China. Invited   speaker.

[3]       Guochun Li, Xishi   Wang*, Xiangdi Zhao. Experimental study on explosion characteristics of   ethanol-gasoline blended fuels. Asia   Pacific Symposium on Safety 2019, 19-21 Sep. 2019, Dalian, China

[4]       Jing Ma, Yanqing   Huang, Xishi Wang*, Xiaomin Ni. Preliminary study on dust particle removal by   water mist: a safe and clean method for dust explosion prevention. Asia Pacific Symposium on Safety 2019,   19-21 Sep. 2019, Dalian, China.

[5]       P. Zhu, X. S. Wang*,   Y. P. He. Ignition and combustion characteristics of natural ester insulation   power transformers fluids and risk ranking. IFireSS 2019 – 3nd International Fire Safety Symposium,   Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, June 5-7, 2019

[6]       X.X. Kong, X.S.   Wang*, P. Zhu, Y. P. Liu, J.P. Zhu. The tilt angle and flame trajectory of   buoyant jet diffusion flames under upslope and downslope wind conditions. Proceedings of the Ninth International   Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards (ISFEH9), 21–26 April, 2019,   Saint-Petersburg, Russia

[7]       H. Y. Cong, X. S. Wang*, T. H. Jiang. Velocity   measurement of a ceiling-jet along a horizontal tunnel with a flat ceiling   and natural ventilation. 10th International Symposium on   Measurement Techniques for Multiphase Flow. Hong Kong SAR, China,   2017.

[8]       Yangpeng Liu, Xishi Wang*, Pei Zhu, Guochun Li,   Xiangdi Zhao, Jiwu Yuan. PIV measurement of the interaction of water mist   spray with a tilted gas jet. 10th International Symposium on   Measurement Techniques for Multiphase Flow. Hong Kong SAR, China,   2017.

[9]       Pei Zhu, Xishi Wang*, Zhigang Wang, Haiyong   Cong, Xiaomin Ni. Experimental study on transformer oil pool fire suppression   by water mist, 10th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology,   2015, Tsukuba, Japan

[10]    H. Y. Cong, X. S. Wang*, P. Zhu, Z. G. Wang, T.   H. Jiang, Q. Tan. Influence of different longitudinal wind on natural   ventilation efficiency with vertical shaft under different fires in tunnel, 10th   Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology, 2015, Tsukuba,   Japan.

[11]    Zhigang Wang , Pei   Zhu, Pingping Chen , Xiangxiao Kong & XishiWang*Experimental study   on the vapor explosion process of a drop impact on hot molten-ghee surface. 11th   International Symposium on Hazards, Prevention, and Mitigation of Industrial   Explosions, 2016, Dalian

[12]    H. L. Xu, Y. Li, P.   Zhu, W. X. Qin, X. S. Wang*. Experimental   study on suppression of methane explosion containing obstacles with   ultra-fine water mist. The 11th International Symposium on Fire   Safety Science, Christchurch, New Zealand, 9-14, February, 2014.

[13]    Xiaomin NI, W. K.   Chow, Shaogang Zhang, Mei Zhao, Zhong Zheng and Xishi Wang. Combining Bromofluoropropene with Water Mist for   Suppressing Deep Seated Wood Crib Fires. The 11th International Symposium on Fire   Safety Science, Christchurch, New Zealand, 9-14, February, 2014.

[14]    Meijuan Lan, Xishi Wang*, Pei Zhu, PingPing Chen.   Experimental study on the dynamic process of a water drop with additives   impact upon hot liquid fuel surfaces. 12th International Conference on   Combustion and Energy Utilisation (12th ICCEU), Lancaster, UK, 29   September to 3 October, 2014.

[15]    Pei Zhu and Xishi Wang*. Numerical Study on the   Effects of Ambient Air Pressure on Water Mist Characteristics. 12th   International Conference on Combustion and Energy Utilisation (12th   ICCEU), Lancaster, UK, 29 September to 3 October, 2014.

[16]    Pei Zhu, Xishi Wang*, Xiangdi Zhao. Numerical   study on the interaction of water mist with a Methane diffusion flame. Proceedings   of the International Conference on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow,   Prague, Czech Republic, August 11-12, 2014.

[17]    Mei-Juan LanXishi WANG*. The dynamic process of droplet   impacting on heated wood surface. The   4th Asian Symposium on Computational Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, Hong   Kong, 3-6 June, 2013.

[18]    B. Liu and Xishi Wang*. Contrastive Experimental   Research of Bi-material Microcantilevers Designed for Radiant Heat Flux   Measurement, The 4th Asian Symposium on   Computational Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, Hong Kong, 3-6 June, 2013.

[19]    Hongli Xu, Changfa   Tao, Xishi Wang*. Experimental   Study on combustion characteristics of transformer oil and its suppression   with water mist. The 4th Asian   Symposium on Computational Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, Hong Kong, 3-6   June, 2013.

[20]    Changfa Tao, Yuan   Li, Xishi Wang*. The Mass Loss   Rate of Alcohol Pool Fires Influenced by Pan Shape in an Inclined Wind   Tunnel. The 4th Asian Symposium on   Computational Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, Hong Kong, 3-6 June, 2013

[21]    Hongli XU, Xishi Wang*, Rui GU and Heping ZHANG, “Experimental study   on characteristics of methane-coal dust mixture explosion and its mitigation   by ultra-fine water mist,” Proceedings of the8th   ASME/JSME Thermal Engineering Joint Conference (AJTEC 2011), March 13-17,   2011Honolulu Hawaii.

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[23]      Changfa Tao, Xin Cai and Xishi Wang*, Experimental   study on the effects of ambient pressure conditions on spray characteristics   of water mist, Proceedings of the 2nd International   Conference on Mechanic Automation and Control Engineering (MACE 2011), July 15-17, 2011, Inner   Mongolia, China.

[24]    Xiaonan Zhang, Xishi Wang*,Yang Zhou, “Numerical simulation of bus   fire,” Proceedings ofthe International Conference on Remote   Sensing, Environment and Transportation Engineering (RSETE 2011), June 24-26,   2011, Nanjing, China.

[25]   Xu Hongli, Xishi Wang*, Gu Rui and Zhang Heping,   Experimental Study on Methane-Coal Dust Mixture Explosion Mitigation   by Ultra-Fine Water Mist, Progress   in Safety Science and Technology, 2010, Vol.VIII:1552-1557.

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