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Selected Publications of YANG Lizhong

[1]. Yang Lizhong, Ye Junqi, Wang Yafei. Simulation of gravity currents using the thermal lattice boltzmann method. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids[in press].

[2]. Qinkun Xu, Lizhong Yang, Jialei Zhang, Xiao Li, Taolin Zhang. Analysis on numerical simulation to fire smoke flow in one closed-end tunnel. Journal of Applied Fire Science,2011,19[1]. :83-101

[3]. Junfang Qie, Lizhong Yang, Yafei Wang, Jiakun Dai, Yupeng Zhou.Experimental study of the influences of orientation and altitude on pyrolysis and ignition of wood. Journal of Fire Sciences,2011.5,29[3]. :243-258

[4]. Yang Lizhong,Zhou Yupeng, Wang Yafei, Dai Jiakun, Deng Zhihua, Zhou Xiaodong.Autoignition of solid combustibles subjected to a uniform incident heat flux: the effect of distance from the radiation source.Combustion and Flame,2011.5,158:1015-1017

[5]. Wang Yafei, Yang Lizhong, Zhou Xiaodong, Dai Jiakun, Zhou Yupeng, Deng Zhihua. Experiment study of the altitude effects on spontaneous ignition characteristics of wood.Fuel, 2010,89[5]. :1029-1034

[6]. Jiakun Dai, Lizhong Yang, Yupeng Zhou, Yafei Wang. Effect of separation points on kinetic parameters in pseudo component separated stage model. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry,2010,100[2]. :599~605

[7]. Jiakun Dai, Lizhong Yang, Xiaodong Zhou, Yafei Wang, Yupeng Zhou, Zhihua Deng. An experimental and modeling study of atmospheric pressure effects on ignition of pine wood at different altitudes.Energy and Fuels,2010,24[1]. :609-615

[8]. Yupeng Zhou, Lizhong Yang, Jiakun Dai, Yafei Wang, Zhihua Deng.Radiation attenuation characteristics of pyrolysis volatiles of solid fuels and their effect for radiant ignition model. Combustion and Flame,2010,157[1]. :167~175

[9]. Yang Lizhong, Liu Shaobo, Li Jian, Zhu Kongjin, Fang Tingyong.Information-based evacuation experiment and its cellular automaton simulation. International Journal of Modern Physics C.2009.10,20[10]. :1583~1596

[10]. Zou Lan, Yang Lizhong.Time series study of the impact of serious fires on fire occurrence statistics in cities of Jiangsu. Fire Safety Journal, 2009.10,44[7]. :925-932

[11]. Yupeng Zhou, Lizhong Yang, Jiakun Dai, Yafei Wang, Zhihua Deng. Attenuation of incident heat flux by pyrolysis volatiles when heated using resistance element radiant heater. J. Fire Sciences,2009.9,27[5]. :447~464

[12]. Li Xiao,Yang Lizhong,Wu Laixi,Zhang Jialei.The effect of fire location on carbon monoxide generation from well-ventilated fires in a reduced-scale facility with typical building structure. Journal of Applied Fire Science,2009,17[1]. :49-71

[13]. Liu Shaobo,Yang Lizhong, Fang Tingyong, Li Jian. Evacuation from a classroom considering the occupant density around exits. Physica A, 2009.5,388[9]. :1921-1928

[14]. Wu Laixi, Yang Lizhong, Li Xiao. The spatial distribution rule and risk analysis of CO in the non-firesource-field in the fire scenario.Journal of Applied Fire Science,2006-2007, 16[3]. :181-200

[15]. Yang Lizhong, Li Jian, Liu Shaobo.Simulation of pedestrian counter flow with right-moving preferences. Physica A, 2008, 15 May ,387[13]. :3281-3289

[16]. Daoliang Zhao, Lizhong Yang, Jian Li. Occupants’ behavior of going with the crowd based on cellular automata occupant evacuation model. Physica A, 1 June 2008,387[14]. :3708-3718

[17]. Yang Lizhong, Feng Wenxing, and Ye Junqi. Experimental research on the spatial distribution of toxic gases in the transport of fire smoke. Journal of Fire Sciences,2008,26[1]. : 45-62

[18]. Yang Lizhong,Zhou Yupeng,Wang Yafei,Guo Zaifu. Predicting charring rate of woods exposed to time-increasing and constant heat fluxes. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis,2008, 81[1]. :1-6

[19]. Hu LH,Fong NK, Yang LZ, Chow WK, Li YZ, Huo R. Modeling fire-induced smoke spread and carbon monoxide transportation in a long channel: Fire Dynamics Simulator comparisons with measured data. Journal of Hazardous Materials,140 [1-2]. : 293-298,2007

[20]. Yang Lizhong, Feng Wenxing, Fang Tingyong, Huang Rui. Mathematic analysis on smoke concentration of simulated building fire. Journal of Applied Fire Science,2004-2005, 13[3]. :181-189

[21]. Yang Lizhong, Guo Zaifu, Zhou Yupeng, Fan Weicheng. The influence of different external heating ways on pyrolysis and spontaneous ignition of some woods. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis,2007, 78[1]. :40-45

[22]. Zhao Daoliang, Yang lizhong, Li Jian, Zhu Yi, Zou Lan. Relationship between performance-based design of building exits and state transition of pedestrian flow during occupant evacuation.Journal of Fire Protection engineering,2006,16[4]. 269~281

[23]. Yang, L.Z., Guo, Z.F., Chen, X.J., Fan, W.C. Predicting the temperature distribution of wood exposed to a variable heat flux.Combustion Science and Technology,2006,178[12]. : 2165-2176

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[25]. Zhao Daoliang, Yang Lizhong, Li Jian.Exit dynamics of occupant evacuation in an emergency. Physica A, May 2006,363[2]. :501-511

[26]. Gong Jian, Yang Lizhong, Chen Xiaojun, Guo Zaifu .Theoretical analysis of the backdraft phenomena induced by liquid fuel. Chinese Science Bulletin,2006,51[3]. :364~368


[1]. Yang Lizhong, Wu Laixi.Smoke Spread in Buildings. Handbook of Combustion, Vol.1:Fundamentals and Safety, Lackner, M. / Winter, F. / Agarwal, A. K. [eds.]. , Published by Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, 2010, pp.477~499

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