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Selected Publications of WANG Xuehui

[1]  Xuehui Wang, QinPei Chen, Tiannian Zhou, Haihang Li, Chao Ding, Jian Wang. In-depth analysis of burning process of binary blended fuel pool fires. 2019, 256: 115918, Fuel. (SCI,Q1)

[2]  Xuehui Wang, Yaping He, Tiannian Zhou, Qinpei Chen, Chao Ding, Jian Wang. Experimental study on fire behaviors of kerosene/additive blends[J]. Fire technology, 2018, 54(6): 1841-1869.(SCI,Q2)

[3]  Xuehui Wang, Tiannian Zhou, Qinpei Chen, JunJiang He, Zheng Zhang, Jian Wang. Experimental study on combustion characteristics of blended fuel pool fires. Journal of Fire Science. (SCI,Q2)

[4]  Xuehui Wang, Tiannian Zhou, Dongxu Ouyang, Qinpei Chen, Zhi Wang, Jian Wang. Experimental study on combustion and yield characteristics of Dimethyl carbonate/n-heptane blends in the cone calorimeter. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. (SCI,Q2)

[5]  Wang X, Zhou T, Chen Q, et al. Numerical study on the effect of oxygen concentration on the piloted ignition of PMMA in reduced pressure atmospheres[J]. International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow, 2019.(SCI,Q1)

[6]  Xuehui Wang, Zhou T N,Chen Q P, et al. Burning Characteristics of Azeotropic Binary Blended Fuel   Pool Fire[C]//Key Engineering Materials. Trans Tech Publications, 2018, 775:   365-370. (EI)

[7]  Chao Ding; Binbin Xu; Weiwei Wang; Xuehui Wang*; Jian Wang*. Combustion Characteristics of Lithium-ion Electrolyte with a Focus on the Role of LiPF6 Salt and Liquid-Vapor Equilibrium.Acta Microscopica, 2019, 28(6): 1556-1567.

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