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Selected Publications of WANG Yu

Selected journal papers

[1] Wang Y, Beshir M, Cicione A, Hadden R, Krajcovic M, Rush D. A full-scale experimental study on single dwelling burning behavior of informal settlement. Fire Safety Journal. 2020:103076.

[2] Wang Y, Bertrand C, Beshir M, Kahanji C, Walls R, Rush D. Developing an experimental database of burning characteristics of combustible informal dwelling materials based on South African informal settlement investigation. Fire Safety Journal. 2020;111:102938.

[3] Beshir M, Wang Y, Centeno F, Hadden R, Welch S, Rush D. Semi-empirical model for estimating the heat release rate required for flashover in compartments with thermally-thin boundaries and ultra-fast fires. Fire Safety Journal. 2020:103124.

[4] Wang Y, Sun J, He L, Wang Q, Rush D. Experimental study on fallout behaviour of tempered glass façades with different frame insulation conditions in an enclosure fire. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute. 2019;37(3):3889-98.

[5] Wang Y, Rush D. Determination of critical fallout condition of tempered glass in an enclosure fire. Fire Safety Journal. 2018;101:18-24.

[6] Wang Y, Xie Q, Zhang Y, Wang Q, Sun J. Sensitivity analysis of influencing factors on glass façade breakage in fire. Fire Safety Journal. 2018;98:38-47.

[7] Wang Y, Wang Q, Su Y, Sun J, He L, Liew KM. Experimental study on fire response of double glazed panels in curtain walls. Fire Safety Journal. 2017;92:53-63.

[8] Wang Y, Wang Q, Su Y, Sun J, He L, Liew KM. Fracture behavior of framing coated glass curtain walls under fire conditions. Fire Safety Journal. 2015;75(0):45-58.

[9] Wang Y, Wang Q, Shao G, Chen H, Su Y, Sun J, et al. Fracture behavior of a four-point fixed glass curtain wall under fire conditions. Fire Safety Journal. 2014;67(0):24-34.

[10] Wang Q, Chen H, Wang Y, Wen JX, Dembele S, Sun J, et al. Development of a dynamic model for crack propagation in glazing system under thermal loading. Fire Safety Journal. 2014;63(0):113-24.



Wang Y, Experimental and Numerical Study of Glass Façade Breakage Behavior under Fire Conditions, Springer, 2019.

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