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Analysis of Energy Release during Thermally Induced Failure of Lithium Ion Batteries
Date: 2017-10-27   Author: SKLFS   Source: SKLFS

Title:Analysis of Energy Release during Thermally Induced Failure of Lithium Ion Batteries 
Speaker:Assoc.Prof. Stanislav I. Stoliarov 

From:University of Maryland
Date:Oct.30,2017  9:20--10:20 

CV of the Speaker: 
Stanislav Stoliarov is an Associate Professor at the Fire Protection Engineering  Department of  the University of Maryland, College Park, USA. Stoliarov received the Engineer of Chemical Technology degree (equivalent to a B.S./M.S. in US) in 1993 from Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology, Moscow, Russia. Then he received his Ph.D. in Chemistry, with distinction, in 2000 from the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC. After working as a postdoctoral researcher at University of Massachusetts for two years, he then served as a principle scientist from 2002 to 2010 for SRA International, Inc., Egg Harbor Twp., NJ. Stoliarov joined Department of Fire Protection Engineering in 2010 as an assistant professor working on polymer flammability and pyrolysis modelling, and became an associate professor since 2015. His research interests include polymer flammability, pyrolysis and smoldering mechanisms, and fire safety of electrical and electronic devices.


With the increasing need and popularity of lithium ion batteries (LIBs), it is important to quantify and compare the dynamics and energetics of the thermally-induced failure of LIBs based on different chemistries.  This practice is expected to lay a foundation for fire safe design of the energy storage systems utilizing LIBs, including those employed in ground vehicles.  In the current study, a new experimental technique, Copper Slug Battery Calorimetry (CSBC), was employed for the quantitative analysis of thermal failure of cylindrical LIB cells of identical geometry. The thermal transport properties of these cells were measured and the energy released both inside and outside the cells upon their thermal failure was quantified using a combination of experiments and physics-based modeling.  The CSBC technique was coupled with cone calorimetry to evaluate the energy released outside the cells through flaming combustion of vented battery materials.  The energy generated inside the cells was found to increase non-linearly with increasing amount of electric energy stored in an LIB.  Work is underway to demonstrate how results of these measurements can be employed to predict cascading failure of multi-cell assemblies representing battery packs.

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