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SKLFS plateau fire experimental base being set up in Tibet
Date: 2011-08-10   Author: Computer Modeling Section   Source: SKLFS

China's first base of the plateau fire experiments - the Tibetan Plateau experimental base of fire safety was built in 2009. Since then, the hardware equipment and experimental conditions at the experimental base have been further improved under the joint efforts of State Key Lab of Fire Science and The Public Security Fire Department of Tibet Autonomous Region. In order to meet the new high-power experiments and electrical safety requirements, in May 2010, the lab’s power supply system was modified and armed with a 24-hour monitoring anti-theft alarm system. Specialized armed police was assigned on duty. Besides, the combustion chamber, test chamber, thermal analysis chamber, and small- sized fire simulation room were equipped with a range of experimental instruments, such as fire burning tester, fire retardant paint tester, oven, and building materials flammability experimental stove. In July 2011, two sets of cone calorimeter's gas collection systems were installed in accordance with ISO5660 and ISO9705, hence, full preparations were made to carry out future combustion heat release rate measurement in the high-altitude, low-oxygen environment.

The plateau fire experiments base has, practically, accomplished its installment. This has laid a solid hardware foundation for resolving the key plateau fire safety technical issues, for achieving the continued innovation in core technologies such as flame detection, smoke control and fire prevention, and for guaranteeing the smooth-running of future research work supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and Boeing company. The base can also provide the analysis service for building materials in Tibetan plateau environment and is expected to become a first-class plateau fire safety research and technology innovation base.

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