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Selected Publications of ZHU Jiping


[1] Chen, Gang ; Zhu, Jiping ; Wu, Jun ; Jia, Jingrui ; Wang, Guodong. Influence of size of bursting spherical tank on impact probability between fragments and adjacent vessels. [J]  CIESC Journal. 2010, 61(6), 1599-1604

[2] LI Bing-hua, ZHU Ji-ping, OSAMU Koide, PENG Chen. Urban fire risk characterization factors and its relationship with socio-economic factors—a case study of Japan in 2005. [J]  J. of Safety and Environment , 2010,10(6):216-220   

[3] Weng Tao; Zhu Jiping; Ma Minggeng; Liao Guangxuan; Wu Zongzhi. A Study on Regional Assessment of Risk of Urban Major Hazard. [J]  Engineering Science, 2006, 8(9): 80-89

[4] Weng T, Cong BH, Liao GX, Zhu JP, GIS-based decision support system for emergency response on leakage accidents of poisonous materials, Progress in Safety Science and Technology, 2005, Vol V, Pts A and B: 1816-1820

[5] ZHU Ji-ping; FAN Wei-cheng; XUE Hai-sheng; LIAO Guang-xuan. GIS and Petri Nets Based Decision-Making Methodology for the Dispatching Process of Urban Fire-Fighting [J] . Journal of University of Science and Technology of China, 2005, 35(6):849-855

Symposium Proceedings

[6] Liu, N.A.; Liu Q.; Lozano Jesse S.; Shu L.; Zhang L.; Zhu J.; Deng Z.; Satoh K.; Global burning rate of square fire arrays: Experimental correlation and interpretation. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Volume 32, Issue 2, 2009: 2519-2526 

[7] Liu Naian, Liu, Q., Deng Zhihua, Satoh, Koyou, Zhu Jiping, Burn-out Time Data Analysis on Interaction Effects among Multiple Fires in Fire Arrays, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 2007, 31(2): 2589–2597

[8] ZHU Jiping, KOIDE Osamu, KATO Takaaki, SONG Weiguo. Artificial Neural Network Analysis of Urban Fire Risk. Proceeding of the 36th International Symposium on Safety Engineering. Tokyo, Japan, July 6-7, 2006: 399-400

[9] Satoh, Kohyu; Zhu, Ji Ping; Liu, Naian; Yang, K.T., Experiments and analysis of interaction among multiple fires in equidistant fire arrays, Proceedings of the ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference, , HT 2005, vol. 1: 709-712 

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