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Selected Publications of SONG Weiguo


[1] Tian Wei, Song Weiguo, Lv Wei, Fang Zhiming., 2011 Experiment and analysis on microscopic characteristics of pedestrian movement in building bottleneck, Science China Series E 54: 1-7

[2] Lv Wei, Song Weiguo, Fang Zhiming., 2011,Three-lane changing behaviour simulation using a modified optimal velocity model. Physica A 390(12): 2303-2314

[3] Ma Jian, Song Weiguo, Liao Guangxuan.,2010,Multi-grid Simulation of Pedestrian Counter Flow with Topological Interaction. Chinese Physics B 19(12):128901

[4] Zhiming Fang, Weiguo Song, Jun Zhang., 2010, Experiment and modeling of exit-selecting behaviors during a building evacuation. Physica A 389(4), 815-824

[5] Xu Xuan, Song Weiguo., 2009, Staircase Evacuation Modeling and its Comparison with an Egress Drill. Building and Environment 44(5):1039-1046

[6] Song Weiguo, Zheng Hongyang, Wang Jian, Ma Jian, Satoh Kohyu., 2007, Weather-driven model indicative of spatiotemporal power laws. Physical Review E 75(1): 016109

Symposium Proceedings

[7] Zhang Jun and Song Weiguo. Simulation of Pedestrian Flow Outside a Single-exit Room in Mean-field Approximation Model. PED 2010, MD, USA

[8] Wang Jing, Song Weiguo, Xiao Xia, Zhang Yongming. Burn Scar Identification Based on Recognition of Fire Spots. GPRS 2010

[9] Xu Xuan, Song Weiguo. Analysis of three basic evacuation behaviors at exit with a multi-grid egress model. 7th ASIA-OCEANIA SYMPOSIUM ON FIRE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 2007, Hongkong

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