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Fire Test Atrium
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Fire Test Atrium (FTA) is built as a full-scale experimental equipment with Internal height of 27m,length of 22.4m,width of 11.9m by Hong Kong Polytechnic University and University of Science and Technology of China. Through continuous improvement,FTA has been developed as a comprehensive experimental platform that can be used to a variety of fire safety research such as characteristics of large space building fire, smoke flow and control and fire detection and suppression.

FTA Completion Ceremony in 1997


Panorama of FTA

    Smoke flow and control experiment is an import function of FTA,which is set up with natural ventilation system and mechanical exhaust system. The natural ventilation system is formed by the skylights and the windows of the Upper cloisters. The mechanical exhaust system can achieved a maximum smoke exhausting quantity of 210,000m3/h, which is four times of the standards.


Mechanical Exhaust Fan               Natural Ventilation Tests

   Various forms of fire suppression systems have been installed in FTA where fire sprinklers, water curtains and water guns can been tested and developed.


Fire Sprinkler                    Water Gun

Fire Tests can be all-round monitored by the cameras installed of every corner of FTA. And the Experimental data can be got by the multipoint data acquisition system


Fire Test Monitor              Datat Acquisition System

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