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Selected Publications of ZONG Ruowen


[1] Songyang Li, Ruowen Zong, Weifeng Zhao, Zhenghua Yan, Guangxuan Liao, Theoretical and experimental analysis of ceiling-jet flow in corridor fires, Tunneling and Underground Space Technology, 26 (2011), 651–658

[2] Wenru Zeng, Ruowen Zong, Bin Yao,Kinetic Studies on the Non-isothermal Decomposition of Poly(MethylMethacrylate),Asian Journal of Chemistry,Volume 23,1 (2011),105-110

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[5] Songyang Li, Ruowen Zong, etc. Effect of different fuels on confined compartment fire, Journal of Fire Sciences, Volume 28, July 2010, Pages: 383-403

[6] Ruowen Zong, Xiaoqin Zhang, Songyang Li,etc., Thermogravimetric Evaluation of Some Typical Dried Food Material,Journal of Combustion Science and Technology,2009,15,309-315(in Chinese)

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[9] Zhang Xiaoqin,Zong Ruowen,Fang Tingyong,etc.,, Combustion Characteristics and Numerical Simulation of Agaric in Fire, Journal of Combustion Science and Technology,2006,12,447-452(in Chinese)

[10] Ruowen Zong, Yuan Hu, etc., Evaluation of the thermal degradation of PC/ABS/mont-morillonite nanocomposites, POLYMERS FOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES,2005; 16: 725–731

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[13]Naian Liu, Ruowen Zong,Lifu Shu, Jianjun Zhou, Weicheng Fan, Kinetic Compensation Effect in Thermal Decomposition of Cellulosic Materials in Air Atmosphere, Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2003, 89(135-141)

Symposium Proceedings

[1] Songyang Li, Ruowen Zong, Zhenghua Yan, Bengt Sundén, Guangxuan Liao, “Experimental and numerical study of ceiling jet fire in a confined reduced-scale corridor,” Fire Safety Science -- Proceedings of the Tenth International Symposium, International Association for Fire Safety Science, 2011, pp.

[2] Songyang Li, Ruowen Zong, Weifeng Zhao, Zhenghua Yan, Guangxuan Liao, Numerical modeling of flashover in experimental compartment fires, International Congress Combustion and Fire Dynamics 2010, Santander (Spain), pp: 357-370

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