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Du Lanping

Du, Lanping, female, a native of Tianjin City, is the Chief Engineer of National Fire Service Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security, with a professional title of senior engineer and a military rank of Major General. General Du graduated from Tsinghua University in 1983 with a bachelor degree, and from Tianjin University in 2008 with a doctoral degree, on Engineering Thermophysics. Before she took office at National Fire Service Bureau, General Du had been working at Tianjin Fire Research Institute under the Ministry of Public Security, in charge of scientific research and administrative affairs, and her executive titles included the vice director of Tianjin Fire Research Institute, the director of National Fire Product Testing Center, the director of National Fire Cause Investigation Center, and the chief editor of Journal Fire Science and Technology. During her career, General Du has long been engaged in the research activities related to the theoretical aspects of fire science. She has played leading roles in 15 crucial scientific research projects, such as “the Eighth Five Years” and “the Ninth Five Years“ national key projects, national soft science projects, Sino-Germany Cooperative Project, Sino-Canada Cooperative Project and World Bank Project, and has been in charge of the organization and implementation of “the Eleventh Five Years” National Key Technology Research and Development Program. She has obtained plenty of valuable research achievements in different academic fields, such as explosion venting for existing buildings, fire risks of building materials, building fire characteristics, underground building fires, fire modeling, halon replacement, performance-based fire safety design and fire risk assessment, etc. Under her leadership, the first standard heat release rate testing device of China was built, the first fire risk database for building materials and components constructed, the first Septenary-Fluorine Propane clean gas extinguishing system developed, and the first round of full-scale fire tests for determining the fire characteristics in underground shopping mall performed. Many of her research achievements have reached the international advanced level, which has been acknowledged by many foreign peers. General Du is the author or coauthor of more than 30 academic papers and books. She has been awarded the Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth, and has won 2 second-class prizes of National Science and Technology Advancement, and 3 first-class scientific research prizes on provincial and ministerial level. She also receives the special ministerial subsidy for prominent scholars.

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