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Wildland & Urban Fire Section
Section Head
Name Professional Title Research Interests
LIU Naian Ph. D.; Professor Wildland Fire Dynamics

Decomposition and Combustibility of Forest Fuels

Extreme Fire Behaviors (Fire whirl, Spot fire, Eruptive fire etc.)

Wildland and Urban Interface Fire
Research Aim
Engaged in wildland and urban (including WUI) fire researches, aiming at scientific understanding of fire dynamics and macro fire behaviors, revealing effects of fire on structure safety and human evacuations and developing technologies of fire prediction and fire emergency decision makings
Topic Areas
Fire developing in wildland and urban areas 
Special phenomena and the catastrophe theory of wildland and urban fires 
Macro-complexity of wildland and urban fires 
Structure safety and human evacuation in urban fires 
Prediction and emergency decision makings for wildland and urban fires
Section Members
Name Professional Title Research Interests
SONG Weiguo PH.D.; Professor Pedestrian and evacuation dynamics
Self-organized criticality of fire system
Performance-based fire protection design of buildings
Fire monitoring with remote sensing
YAO Bin Ph.D.;Associate Professor Urban Fire Safety and Advanced Fire Protection Technology
Building Structural Fire Safety
Railway and Subway Fire Safety
Performance-based Fire Design and Assessment
Technical Solution of Fire Safety for Special Space and Function
JI Jie Ph. D.; Professor Solar Thermal Conversion
Solar Photovoltaic/Thermal Technology
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
KANG Yu PH.D.; Professor Networked control systems
Artificial intelligence 
Vehicle tail gas remote sensing technology
Stochastic hybrid control theory
ZHU Jiping Ph.D.; Professor Experimental study and computer simulation of forest fire
GIS-based fire management decision-making system
Dynamic Assessment Model of Unconventional Emergency Response Procedures
CHEN Haixiang Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Thermal decomposition and combustion of forest fuels
Smoldering of forest ground fire
Wildland fire behavior
Wildland and Urban Interface Fire
LEI Jiao Ph.D.; 
Associate Professor
Fire whirl 
Large scale fires in open space
Buoyant diffusion flame
ZENG Wenru Ph.D.
Kinetic of Polymer decomposition and combustion
Flame-Retardant Polymeric Materials
GAO Wei Ph.D.; Postdoctor Building Fire Dynamics
Fire Spill Plume
WANG Jingwu Ph.D.; Postdoctor Diffusion Jet Flame
Flame Behaviors of Jet Flames under Cross-Flow
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