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Fire Detection Section
Section Head
Name Professional Title Research Interests
ZHANG Yongming Ph.D.;Professor Fire Detection (fire characteristic productions, fire sensors, detection principles, detection methods, detection techniques R&D and applications)
Particle Detection and Information Processing
Physical Electronics
Research Aim
Aiming at the key problems of discriminating fires in the early stage, understanding the fire candidate signature behaviors and studying the recognition methods, developing new techniques about early fire detection, intelligent safety monitoring and fire field measurements.
Topic Areas
Fire candidate signature behaviors
Fire detection methods in multi-scale and special environments
New Fire detection technologies and applications
Intelligent safety-monitoring technology and its applications
Fire information field measurement and reconstruction technology
Section Members
Name Professional Title Research Interests
LIU Shenyou Master of engineering 
Associate Professor
Master Instructor
Detection and application of the images of fire
Applied technology in clean and efficient automatic fire extinguishing
The technology of online thermal diagnostics of equipment failure and circuit firing hazards.
FANG Jun Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Early fire smoke transportation law and detection method in high large spaces
Fire behaviors and recognition method in low air pressure environments
Fire behaviors and recognition method in low gravity environments
WANG Bibo Ph.D.; 
Associate Professor
Surface modification and microencapsulation
Electron beam irradiation cross-link flame-retardant polyolefin
Evaluate the ageing effect of flame retardant material
ZHANG Qixing Ph.D.; 
Associate Professor
Video smoke detection
Low false-alarm-rate optical smoke detection
Optical properties of smoke and particle characterization
Flame spread behavior over wire insulation under overload currents
LIU Binghai Master of engineering
Smart fire detection technology 
Auto-Regulative Water Gun technology
Fire detection technology in industry
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