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Computer Modeling Section
Section Head
Name Professional Title Research Interests
JIANG Yong Ph.D.;Professor Numerical Simulation of Fire Dynamics
Modeling and Computation of turbulent reactive flows
Reaction Kinetics-Reduced Mechanisms
Fire investigation
Fire-safety Engineering
Research Aim
To explore the combustion mechanism and the advanced numerical simulation method of reactive turbulence; to research numerical simulation of fire and combustion including the governing equations, the models and numerical methods; and to develop the application of visualization simulation and virtual reality technology in the field of environment and disaster.
Topic Areas
Combustion mechanism, model and numerical method
Simulation and reconstruction of fire scenes for fire investigation 
Numerical simulation of fire 
Visualization simulation and virtual reality technology
Section Members
Name Professional Title Research Interests
FAN Weicheng Ph.D.;Professor Fire Dynamics
Computational Combustion
Public Safety
WANG Jian Ph.D.;Professor Flow and combustion models and calculation
QIU Rong Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Chemical Reaction Dynamics
Fire Investigation and Reconstruction
Producing Mechanism of Toxicant and its Harm to Organisms
XIE Qiyuan Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Smoke yield, transportation and control of building fires
Performance-based design for fire systems
Monitoring for safety and health
Burning characteristics of polymer
Fire Protection of Nuclear Plants
YI Jianxin Ph.D.
Associate Professor
High performance gas sensors
Early detection of electrical fires
Fire detection in nuclear power plants
Advanced Functional Materials
WU Chaopeng Bachelor Computational Fluild Dynamics
DING Chao Ph.D.; Postdoctor Fire Risk Analysis
Plateau Combustion Behaviors
Fire-fighting Informatization
WANG Lei Ph.D.; Postdoctor Numerical Simulation of Fire Dynamics
Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Reactive Flows
XU Wu Ph.D.; Postdoctor Combustion reaction kinetics
Assessment and inhibition mechanism of halon replacements
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