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Building Fire Section
Division Head
Name Professional Title Research Interests
YANG Lizhong Ph.D.
Building Fire Dynamics
Fire Dynamics under Special Environment and Condition
Occupant Evacuation In Emergency
Research Aim
The researches focus on restricted-space building fire, primarily include: fire occurrence and development, smoke transportation and occupant evacuation in emergency, etc. Our research results will provide scientific support for building fire performance-based design
Topic Areas
Pyrolysis and Ignition Characteristic of Flammable Objects 
Fire Spread and Catastrophe (Flashover, Backdraft, rollover, etc.) Mechanism 
Fire Development, Smoke Flow, and Smoke Suppressing Technology in Building (Atrium, High-rise Building, Tunnel, Underground, etc.) 
Occupant Evacuation In Emergency 
Safety Evaluation and Performance-Based Design for Building Fire 
Division Members
Name Professional Title Research Interests
ZHANG Heping Ph.D.
Evolutionary theory of fire dynamics 
Experimental simulation of smoke movement in building fire
Fire behavior of building finishing materials
Fire risk evaluation and performance based fire protection design
LU Shouxiang Ph.D.
Fire Risk Assessment
Performance-Based Fire Protection Design
Fire Dynamics in Enclosures
Ship Fire Safety Engineering
Combustion and Fire of Liquid Fuel
ZHANG Ruifang Master of engineering
Associate Professor
Safety Assessment 
Fire Risk Assessment & Building Performance-based Fire Protection Design
LI Yuanzhou Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Smoke movement and control in Large Space Buildings, high-rise buildings, underground buildings.
Combustion characteristics of plateau fire
Performance-based fire design and fire risk assessment
HU Longhua Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Building Fire Dynamics
Smoke spread and control for special buildings (tunnel, metro, high-rise building)
City fire large scale smoke transportation dynamics
Combustion behavior of pool fire under wind
Entrainment behavior and characteristics of fire/spill plume of enclosure fire
Combustion and smoke flow behavior under extreme condition (microgravity, sprinkler)
XIE Qiyuan Ph.D.
Smoke yield, transportation and control of building fires
Performance-based design for fire systems
Monitoring for safety and health
Burning characteristics of polymer
YANG Hui Bachelor
Fire Dynamics
Experimental simulation of smoke spread in buildings
Fire behavior of finishing materials 
Fire risk analysis and performance-based fire sign
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