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Yang LZ, Zhou XD (2003) (Science Press Beijing: Beijing) 656-660
Date: 2011-08-16   Author: SKLFS   Source: WOS

Yang LZ, Zhou XD (2003) 'On factors affecting safety of some hydrocarbon-air mixtures.' (Science Press Beijing: Beijing) 656-660

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Abstract: Hazards caused by explosion of hydrocarbon-air mixtures are a continuing problem. Of the factors affecting explosion hazards of hydrocarbon-air mixture, additives play an important role. In this paper, a series of experiments are described addressing the influence of chemical additives on explosion of some hydrocarbon-air mixtures under confined conditions. Also critical initiation energy of explosion of some hydrocarbon-air mixtures has been measured. Safety analysis of the studied hydrocarbons is also carried out using the experimental results.
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