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Numerical simulation of large scale detonation
Date: 2010-07-26   Author: SKLFS   Source: SKLFS   Keywords: Numerical;Detonation;Jennifer WEN;Kingston University;

Title:  Numerical simulation of large scale detonation

Speaker: Jennifer WEN

From:  Kingston University
Date:  July. 30, 2010

CV of the Speaker:

Professor Wen established and currently leads the world renowned Centre for Fire and Explosion Studies (CFES) at Kingston University. With the support of substantial funding from the UK and European funding councils, industry and overseas governments, current activities of CFES include:
• CFD modelling of large scale pool and jet fires;
• Carbon capture and storage (CCS)
- Phase transition and multi-phase flow in accidental release of gaseous and dense phase CO2 release from pressurised pipelines;
- Dispersion of CO2 release from pressurised pipelines
• Vapour cloud explosion and deflagration to detonation transition;
• Spontaneous ignition in pressurised hydrogen release;
• LES and DNS of flame/wall interaction;
• The response of glazing systems in fire;
• CFD simulations of compartment fires and fire-sprinkler interaction;
• Flameless combustion; and
• The effect of adding H2, CO, CO2 and H2O to premixed hydrocarbon flames.

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The Centre for Fire and Explosion Studies, Kingston University
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