Experimental Systems
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Experimental Systems
Walk-in low pressure chamber
Experimental Facility for Fire Suppression with Water Mist
On this platform with low-pressure pump and
pipe networks, various fire suppression experiments based on water mist could be conducted to study the K factor of different nozzles, evaluate the performance of water mist in suppressing different types of fires, et al.
Fast Aerosol Size Spectrometer DMS500
The DMS500 produces a full size spectrum 10 times per second with a step change responses as low as 200ms. It also output a unique real-time bimodal fit to the data, giving particle size, number and mass in each aerosol mode, with no post-processing of the plain file required.

Fire Test Atrium
An atrium building with Internal height of 27m,length of 22.4m,width of 11.9m, which has been set up of smoke management system, sprinkler and water gun system, fire detection and monitoring system andexperimental data acquisition system, cancarry out a variety of fire safety research such as characteristics of large space building fire, smoke flow and control and fire detection and suppression。
Fire whirl Apparatus
Based on the Satoh & Yang physical model that fire whirl is self-induced by the flow circulation effect on the flame burning 
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