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Selected Publications of LEI Shijun


1. Shijun Lei, Dali Huang, Shuhao Liu, Mingfeng Chen, Rong Ma, Minxiang Zeng,  Dan Li, Wenchao Ma*, Ling Wang*, Zhengdong Cheng; Templating Synthesis of Natural Cotton-based Hierarchically Structured Carbon Hollow Microfibers for High-performance Solar Vapor Generation. J. Mater. Chem. A 2021.

2. Zhaoxin Li, Shijun Lei, Jianchao Xi, Daolin Ye, Weizhao Hu, Lei Song, Yuan Hu, Wei Cai* Zhou Gui* Bio-based multifunctional carbon aerogels from sugarcane residue for organic solvents adsorption and solar-thermal-driven oil removal. Chem. Eng. J.2021,426, 129580.

3. Minxiang Zeng*, Mingfeng Chen, Dali Huang, Shijun Lei, Xuan Zhang, Ling Wang *, Zhengdong Cheng *; Engineered two-dimensional nanomaterials: an emerging paradigm for water purification and monitoring. Materials Horizons 2021, 8 (3), 758-802.

4. Shijun Lei, Minxiang Zeng, Dali Huang, Ling Wang, Lecheng Zhang, Beidou Xi, Wenchao Ma*,  Guanyi Chen*, Zhengdong Cheng*; Synergistic High-flux Oil–Saltwater Separation and Membrane Desalination with Carbon Quantum Dots Functionalized Membrane. ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng.2019, 7 (16), 13708-13716.

5. Lisi Jia, Ying Chen*, Shijun Lei, Songping Mo, Xianglong Luo, Xuefeng Shao; External electromagnetic field-aided freezing of CMC-modified graphene/water nanofluid. Applied Energy2016,162, 1670-1677.


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