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Selected Publications of ZHU Yulu


[1] Metal-Organic Framework Template Derived Hierarchical Mo-doped LDHs@MOF-Se Core-Shell Array Electrode for Supercapacitors [J], Chemical Communications

[2] Bioinspired lamellar barriers for significantly improving the flame-retardant properties of nanocellulose composites[J], ACS Sustainable Chemistry& Engineering, 2020, 8, 11, 4331–4336

[3] Ultra-long Lifespan Asymmetrical Hybrid Supercapacitor Device Based on Hierarchical NiCoP@C@LDHs Electrode[J]Electrochimica Acta,Volume 334, 20 February 2020, 135589,

[4] Three-dimensional core-shell NiCoP@NiCoP array on carbon cloth for high performance flexible asymmetric  supercapacitor[J].2019.1Electrochimica Acta, 2019, 299: 441-450.

[5] Novel graphite-like carbon nitride/organic aluminum diethylhypophosphites nanohybrid: preparation and enhancement on thermal stability and flame retardancy of polystyrene [J]. 2017.8Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 2017, 99: 149-156.

[6] Preparation of Schiff base decorated graphene oxide and its application in TPU with enhanced thermal stability[J]. 2016.9 RSC Advances, 2016, 6(93): 90018-90023.



Yulu Zhu, Qianqian Wang, Qilong Zhang, Metal-Organic Framework Template Derived Core-Shell CoSe2@Ni(OH)2 Arrays for Energy Storage. The 4th International Conference on Materials Technology and Applications (ICMTA2019), Japan.


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